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May 27, 2005

This has gone far enough


Atlanta Crane Standoff in Third Day

A homicide suspect remained perched on an 18-story construction crane for a third day Friday, holding police at bay and causing a spectacle in the heart of the city’s entertainment district.

A plea from his sister, offers of food and a plan to have him jump onto air bags hadn’t resolved the standoff.

I’m of the same mindset as Neal Boortz on this one. This guy has moved beyond the level of reasonable response. I think it’s time for a sniper. Now, before you call me a crazy, wicked, evil conservative, I’m not saying we should shoot him. I’m just thinking it’s time for a few warning shots to let him know we’re serious. That just might be enough to get him off that crane, whether he takes the fast route over the side, or comes down peacefully. There aren’t any hostages in this case, the area where he’d land has been cleared, so frankly I’m wondering why he’s been allowed up there so long?

And if you get him off that crane alive, I want to see a lawsuit from all the businesses interrupted by the closure of Peachtree Rd, a disturbing the peace (or whatever relevant legal statutes apply) charge, probably a charge for tresspassing, etc. If he manages to beat his murder rap, I think we need to have a backup plan for all the hassle he has caused. It’s about time that people learn there are consequences to wasting the cops’ time just because they want their fifteen minutes of fame.

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  1. Brad, I don’t think you need to go as far as using a gun. Just don’t feed him or give him any water. If it’s hot outside that will help and move all the newsmedia and the crowds out of sight. He’ll get bord an come down quicker than you might think. He’s probably enjoying the attention.

    Comment by Lucy Stern — May 27, 2005 @ 3:30 pm
  2. This is one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations for the police dept.
    If you let him take all the time in the world, then business will suffer, if you hurry it along, it doesn’t matter how, then you are said to be endangering his welfare/life. Even if they used a tranquilezer gun or a taser to gain control, all that will be shown as negative police abuse of force by the news media. So, get out the tranquiler darts and get it over with. If he falls off the tower then he lands on the air cushion and hope he doesn’t break his neck. Just because he’s wanted for murder, his next door neighbor will be the first to get a microphone in his face telling about how he was a good kid in Sunday School back in ….

    Comment by T.F.Stern — May 27, 2005 @ 6:32 pm
  3. Let me get this straight…the police are providing him food and water? What the hell for?

    I guess it’s not too much of a stretch. We’re already “obligated” to provide water at various spots in the desert, so that illegal aliens don’t dehydrate and die.

    Well, I will be callous and cold-hearted. Shoot the f*****. Get it over with. Give him an ultimatum, that if he doesn’t come down in 10 minutes, his head will go splat like a water balloon.

    Comment by Perry Eidelbus — May 27, 2005 @ 10:02 pm
  4. Ah, I read the news article. So we’re not giving him food or water after all. That suits me fine. Let him starve to death. And if he wants to jump, let him.

    Comment by Perry — May 27, 2005 @ 10:06 pm
  5. What is he threatening to do, exactly? Why don’t they just go up there and get him? If he jumps, he jumps. Fuck him.

    Comment by Dadahead — May 28, 2005 @ 1:08 pm
  6. Well, looks like it’s finally over. And they got good use out of a tazer to boot.

    Comment by Quincy — May 29, 2005 @ 1:37 am
  7. Those businesses suffered from what I hear. His organs can be sold to pay the civil lawsuits.

    Comment by KJ — May 30, 2005 @ 7:29 am

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