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June 1, 2005

Time to unleash a plague

Yep, I’ve decided to start a meme. I realized the whole blogosphere is just out there intent on attacking me with these infernal nuisances. So now I’m fighting back:

The Five Things I Miss From My Childhood

1. Estes Model Rockets – I used to have so much fun with these things. After all, for an engineer, what’s better than building something and then firing it off hundreds of feet into the air? It was so much fun that I actually bought a couple of these for my nephews for Christmas, in the hopes they’d want me to help them build and launch them. No luck there, so I might just have to wait until I have my own kids. By that time, the nanny state will probably make flammable things illegal, of course, but that’s what black markets are for.

2. Nintendo – This, to me, was the first true gaming system. This was before games had things like realistic graphics, enchanting storylines, and required much use of the brain. It was purely a diversion for me, a way to escape having to actually think (as I was one of those kids who didn’t normally shy away from thought). Living with Super Mario Brothers, the Legend of Zelda, and Tetris may not have been as socially worthwhile as interacting with humans, but it did give me some good hand-eye coordination!

3. Francheesies – There was a restaurant on the border of Wheaton and Glen Ellyn in Illinois called Z’s. The Francheesie, on the kids menu, was a jumbo frankfurter, sliced with cheese in the middle, wrapped in bacon. How can you go wrong?

4. Transformers – Robots that turn into stuff and back. ‘Nuff said.

5. Being indestructable – Some kids are injury-prone. I was accident-prone, but never seemed to do much more than get bruised and scabbed. It’s not for lack of trying. When I was young, I hit a parked car on my bike. I got hit by a car on a major street on my bike at 12. Fell off skateboards, jumped off things, ran into stuff, etc etc. I never actually got hurt. Now, every thing I do leaves me sore. I crash a motorcycle, and can’t walk right for a couple months. I move furniture, and my entire body aches for 3 days. And I’m not even that old yet! I miss those days where I could just be crazy and not worried about the personal danger.

The Chain

Here is my addition to the meme-o-sphere. Like chain letters, put a link to your own blog at #5, and the link of all the referring blogs move up one spot. Since bloggers are unapologetic link-whores, this should be a hit, IMHO. Make sure you actually link the blog in question, or it’s not really worthwhile…

(note- my #1-#4 are made up, since obviously I started this thing)

1. Instapundit
2. Daily Kos
3. Wizbang
4. Catallarchy
5. The Unrepentant Individual

Five people tagged to do this next

1. dadahead
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4. Bruce from B after the Fact
5. Rossputin

Have fun, folks.

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  1. Lucy said I’m exempt from this as I’m still a kid and have to grow up some day but…

    We used to have jumping competitions at the playground from the swings to see how high and how far we could catapult ourselves. Insane.

    Play sandlot baseball with my friends until it got to dark to see the ball.

    Take our bikes anywhere we wanted as long as we got home before our parents got home from work. Going downtown was neat, cutting in and out of cars and giving drivers heart failure.

    I saw a piece of nostalgia on tv the other night, a Mr. Softee ice cream truck going through a neighborhood. You could get vanilla or chocolate for about a quarter or for 50 cents both on a cone.

    Fireworks, and making bombs from a block of firecrackers. The excitement of knowing that a pile of silvery gunpowder was there and waiting to be lit, pouring it into ping pong balls and setting a fuse was way fun. We liked lots of noise and blowing things up.

    …some day I might look back and wish I could do that again, if I ever grow up. (second attempt to post this comment )

    Comment by TF Stern — June 2, 2005 @ 8:31 am
  2. …left off “distracting the gate guard” at the swimming pool to sneak in. It was the next neighborhood over’s pool and you had to have a wrist bracelet thingy to get in. We would time our assault by distraction and before getting caught jump in and swim all afternoon. I don’t think the guard really wanted to stop us after having watched us standing outside the fence for an hour. He may have wanted to go swimming too.

    Comment by TF Stern — June 2, 2005 @ 8:41 am
  3. I will have a response up later today.

    Comment by KJ — June 2, 2005 @ 12:24 pm
  4. Hehe, jumping comopetitions. I used to do those all the time. Lots of skinned knees and lots of insanity.

    Comment by Mike — June 2, 2005 @ 4:16 pm
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  8. [...] The internet is a medium with little or no cost of entry. It requires nothing more than a will and a message to get your voice out there. Of course, unlike the current television media, finding people to listen to that voice is not easy. On the bright side, however, compelling information has a way of ensuring that it is heard. The terms “meme” and “blog-swarm” express just how quickly and widely information can stretch their legs. Last year, when I was (I still am, of course!) a small-time blogger, I started a meme, and checked back on it every month or so using technorati. The meme was going strong for months, finding its way to corners of the blogosphere that I would never have known to exist. And blog-swarms are feared by those in power. A couple of bloggers uncovering problems with documents ignited a blog-swarm which destroyed the credibility of Dan Rather and seriously injured that of CBS. It eventually grew large enough to force the major media outlets to cover the story. [...]

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