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June 3, 2005

I think this might be “cruel and unusual”

‘Hey! Isn’t that Dad up on that billboard?’

People who solicit prostitutes in Oakland, California, could find their faces plastered on billboards under a new shaming program that one civil rights group calls bad public policy.

The city of 400,000 across the bay from San Francisco started putting up billboards on Wednesday showing men arrested for soliciting sex. Other signs invite prostitutes to quit by calling a help line.

Obviously, if you’ve read me for a while, you’re expecting me to go off on a tangent about why prostitution, the worlds oldest profession, shouldn’t be illegal. After all, it’s just perfectly legal activity done for money. But I’m not going to do that.

My question is: How can a city sandwiched between San Francisco and Berkeley come up with something like this? After all, San Francisco is the city that recently held the “Whore College” conference, and Berkeley is slightly to the left of Marx. I could understand if this were Salt Lake City, where I actually saw a billboard off of I-80 a few years ago that simply read, in big black letters on a white background, “Don’t Do Porn.” But Oakland? It just boggles the mind.

In other news, blogging will be light for me over the next few days, as I’ll be spending time with the family.

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  1. Brad, Salt Lake City wouldn’t plaster pictures of men soliting sex on bill boards. They have a little more sence than that. No other comments needed.

    Comment by Lucy Stern — June 3, 2005 @ 6:19 pm
  2. Dang, now I gotta pay the $5 to cross the Golden Gate Bridge…

    Comment by Quincy — June 4, 2005 @ 6:10 pm

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