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July 4, 2005

Carnival of Liberty #1!

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Wow folks. I’m amazed at the response that we’ve had in one little week. And all the posts I’ve received have been excellent. I’m going to link everything first and then the winners at the bottom. So a few little things, and away we go.

First things first. Carnival of Liberty #2 will be held at the LLP Group Blog, and it will be hosted (and probably cross-linked) by Dan Melson of Searchlight Crusade. Thanks Dan!

Second, several people submitted multiple posts. I chose what I thought was your best post for the links below. Since there is no hard limit to the number of posts, the additional submissions will be linked at the very end, but without as much fanfare. Oh, and if I missed any links, please inform me ASAP. It is not intentional.

The Unrepentant Individual (which is me) submitted Williams et. al. v. Walmart, a satirical news story about the Supreme Court allowing Walmart to enslave workers in the name of “economic development” and “public benefit”. It surely would have won this contest, had the Carnival been hosted by anyone but me :-P

Robert of Libertopia submitted The Nature of Property. He start by discusses the property rights as a matter of simple human nature, and moves from there into a discussion of intellectial property and anarchy after the recent Supreme Court case on file-sharing.

Antigravitas links with Time for some legal spring cleaning. He asks, since stare decisis and the use of precedent in judicial proceedings causes us to stray from Constitutionality, if perhaps we simply need to start over with a clean slate. Clear out the precedent, and see what happens.

Greg of Catscape links with Independence Day. His post is a tribute to his stepdad and father in law for their service in the US armed forces, as well as all others who work in the service of increasing liberty. A fine 4th of July to you, too, Greg!

Combs Spouts Off links with Don’t Count on Conservatives. He gives a very well-stated explanation of why a recent argument by Carl Frank of No Oil For Pacifists in defense of Kelo is wrong. Check it out.

Eric’s Grumbles Before the Grave links with Before it’s too late. He reminds us of the origins of the American Revolution, specifically what sort of infringements on liberty were occurring against us. He reminds us of this as a warning, because the signs of what the English were doing to the American colonists are remarkably like what our own government is doing to us now.

Stephen of Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds links with A couple of half-assed SCOTUS decisions. He contrasts the recent Supreme Court decision in Kelo with those of displaying the Ten Commandments. While Kelo may impact more people more regularly, the Ten Commandments case is likely to draw more attention.

Stephen of Hold the Mayo links with The Morning After. He gives a more dispassionate look at the Kelo decision, asking whether any of the arguments in favor of it hold water, and whether we have simply moved so far from our Constitutional basis to erode its protections altogether.

Individ links with On Liberty. He explains why he is an individualist, as he recognizes that individual people are the actors in our world, and the state is an abstraction. He calls each of us to help each other and improve our streets and our world individually, not to expect “the state” to do it for you.

Sunni of Sunni and the Conspirators links with Lines and Questions… And my answer. Faced with questions both before and after Kelo of what we can do to stop this, and whether it is time to take action, she reminds us that the state’s power is enabled only by our “docile compliance” to it, and it is time for all of us to stop giving them such easy targets..

Mover Mike links with Eminent Domain – What to do? His post is a call to take the Court’s direction that this can be stopped on the local and state level by finding out what laws and guidelines our own jurisdictions follow, and fighting against those on an individual level. Barring a sea change in the makeup of the Supreme Court, that just may be our best option.

Mr. Completely asks Anybody wanna buy a swamp? He takes the idea of eminent domain and extends it to environmental protections, and how a property owner can “entice” the government to buy his undesirable land to “preserve” it, enriching himself greatly in the process.

Tom of MuD & PHuD links with Burning the Constitution. He talks about the sentiment of resisting by force the work of those coming to sieze your house, and asks the question of himself whether he would be willing to fight if necessary to protect his liberties.

Quincy of News, the Universe, and Everything links with No moderation in replacing O’Connor. In what is sure to be the biggest political fight of the summer, he points out that if we want to preserve liberty, we cannot appoint a “moderate” to O’Connor’s seat. The fight over the Supreme Court is arguably more important than who sits in the Oval Office, and we need to treat it as such.

Owlish Mutterings asks You say you want a revolution? He goes down the laundry list of what a country needs to do to ensure that an armed revolution won’t occur or can’t succeed. And a great many of those tasks are already complete here in the USA.

Publicola links with Fire on the Mountain. He critiques a society that always paints those who stand against the government as the bad guys. He looks at what our possible chances are against the forces we are struggling. He’s not overly optimistic about the future of where we are going, but he brings up some very important things to think about.

Gullyborg from Resistance is Futile links with Retention and Recruitment. Faced with such strong media negativity about our troops, their leadership, and our mission in Iraq, it is becoming harder and harder to recruit Americans to fight. Yet at the same time, the soldiers on the ground are reenlisting far beyond expectations. Do the negative stories truly reflect what is happening over there? Something is disconnected there, and Gullyborg fills us in on it.

Dan at Searchlight Crusade links with Solving Kelo – Seeking Parameters for a Solution. Barring a Constitutional amendment, that might not be what we’re looking for, we need to ask what laws would be in place to both discourage eminent domain seizures and make sure that the owner is given a compensation that accounts not only for the value of the property, but for the pain caused be being evicted. He gives some clear guidelines for how that should occur.

TF Stern links with Liberty Requires Self Discipline. He points out what truly sets the American Experiment apart from the rest of the world, and that the challenges we are currently facing to our individual rights are the part of a concerted effort of those who believe collectivism and communism should prevail on our shores.

JohnL of Texas Best Grok links with Operation Coffeecup. It is a tribute to Ronald Reagan, in the form of Reagan’s opposition to Socialized Medicine. Good information throughout.

Chris, the Anarchangel, links with Rights, Penumbras, and Emanations. It is a lengthy discussion of inherent rights and constructed rights, including the philosophical basis for both.

Mike of the No Angst Zone links with Back in the KSSR. Kansas is currently embroiled in a battle over educational funding that threatens to close public schools this fall. Mike explains exactly where and how this situation came about, and why it is yet another example of equality enforced not by bringing up those who have less, but by chopping down those who have more.

Sethual Chocolate (great name!) of Multiple Menality links with Hope is not Lost – The Lost Liberty Hotel. He reflects on the efforts of developers to condemn David Souter’s home to create a hotel. I think one way to punish government, which often is made impossible as they exempt themselves from their own rules often enough, is to do to them personally what they’re trying to do to us collectively. Let’s hope Souter understands just how pissed off we are when his house gets bulldozed.

Mark at The Sqwib bring us The Lost Powerpoint Slides of the Revolution. It makes me happy that our Founding Fathers didn’t have that infernal mind-numbing practice, the PowerPoint presentation, in those days. Funny stuff.

On to the winners!

Let me just say, this is not easy to pick. There were some very good posts involved here. A few of the things I wanted to mention are that Kelo, being the flashpoint that it was, was the basis for many of the posts submitted. For this reason, a Kelo post would have to be far and above the many excellent Kelo posts already submitted to make it into the top three. As it stands, several of the posts considered for these top spots had Kelo as a basis, but cast their net much wider than discussing the ruling itself. Also, please understand that this is a very subjective competition. The top three posts are the three that *I* liked best, your mileage may vary. So I again encourage the readers to read every one of the above posts. You might find something that speaks to you as strongly as the below three spoke to me. Without further ado, the honors.

3rd Place: Quincy, of News, the Universe, and Everything, with his post No Moderation in Replacing O’Connor. I chose this partly because of the timeliness and importance of the issue, and because it is something that is of incredible importance to all of us, regardless of geography. In addition, it was chosen because it is a concrete issue that we can press with our elected officials and President.

2nd Place: Owlish Mutterings with You say you want a revolution? We often, as libertarians, point out how our government is whittling our rights away, step by step. But Owlish’s post beats the message in like a baseball bat. It lays out, in no uncertain terms, what’s going on here, how far we are from liberty, and how close we are to losing individualism entirely.

1st Place: Publicola with Fire On The Mountain. In addition to being a very well-written post discussing some very weighty topics, you can just feel the emotion spilling out. It’s a matter of frustration, of anger, and vulnerability. It is the same sort of emotions that all of us sometimes have when we look at the sheer size and scope of our government, and the futility we feel when it seems that those who try to fight are ground up and spit out.

So that does conclude the first Carnival of Liberty. I’d like to thank those who submitted posts for the work they’ve done and the work they’re doing to advance our cause. I’d like to thank Eric and Quincy for doing so much to set up the LLP Group Blog, Forum, and our TTLB Community (thanks obviously go to NZ Bear for that as well). And thanks to all for letting me have the honor of hosting this first Carnival. I hope I’ve done it satisfactorily.

Other links:
Chris, the Anarchangel, links with The Politics of Liberty.
Gullyborg of Resistance is Futile linked with BANNED in China!, Smarter than I am, and You no longer own your home.
Mr. Completely tells us we’re Renting from the government.
Combs Spouts Off with Developer Seeks Souter’s Home.

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