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September 21, 2005

Don’t get stuck on stupid – bumper sticker

I’ve been planning on opening a cafepress store for a while now. But one little catchphrase threw me into it full-bore.

So announcing Unrepentant Merchandise, with an initial offering, the “Don’t get stuck on stupid” bumper sticker! (along with a bunch of other products)

stuck on stupid

Tell your friends, your neighbors, and your readers, because I’m open for business!

(For more Stuck on Stupid info, see the following: Radio Blogger, Left Brain Female in a Right Brain World, Below the Beltway, Dean’s World, PowerPundit, Comb’s Spouts Off, Coyote Blog, Instapundit, QandO, VodkaPundit, and Wizbang. And yes, this is a big attempt to trackback all of them and get publicity for the CafePress store.)

Left Brain Female . . . in a Right Brain World linked with Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid Tee
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  1. Hey, ya beat me to it, LOL! I’ve opted to offer Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid!
    T-shirts from my store (along with current “Bloggers4Freedom” tees

    Comment by leftbrainfemale — September 21, 2005 @ 3:12 pm
  2. [...] Posted in Unusual, Miscellany, Silly Stuff at 4:15 pm by LBF (Left-Brain Female) Well, I had this ready to go earlier today and then my computer crashed – inspiring me to take a break, LOL. But now, after signing on to find some gentle prodding in the form of a trackback from the Unrepentant Individual I figured I might as well get with it! So here’s what the layout looks like from my Cafe Press shop. You’ll see several different options for tees, and if there is something else you’d like to see this on, let me know – I take requests! [...]

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