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September 22, 2005



As many of you know, I’m a big fan of motorcycle racing. The movie Faster feeds my little adrenaline addiction every time I watch it.

But I’ve always thought that other people would simply not be interested in a movie like this. Nehring of Schadenfreude a while back talked about his disappointment watching the movie Dust to Glory, as it was little more than footage of racers and races that meant nothing to people unfamiliar with the sport of rally racing. It had some great footage, to be sure, and the trailer was prominently featured on a plasma TV in a booth at a recent tradeshow I attended, but the movie itself was devoid of any appeal to those outside the rally nuts. In response, I suggested Faster, as it really delves into some of the mental aspects, has a lot of interviews of the people in MotoGP racing, and seemed to answer all his objections.

Well, he agreed:

I know absolutely nothing about racing, cars, motorcycles or anything involving cylinders. That said, I do have a guttural interest in the sport of racing.

This film looks into moto-cross [sic] racing with outstanding visuals and an obvious respect for the sport. With Dust To Glory I was disappointed that it didn’t delve into the characters and their motivations in the sport it was documenting. This film feeds that need. I came to have an appreciation of the men who risk their lives for the sake of the sport and the unbridled love they have for their profession.

Ewan McGregor narrates the piece with an unobtrusive, patient tone. The producers are smart to bring him in but show themselves to be even smarter by not overusing him. The narration comes in only when absolutely critical for explanation, we are shown the heroes of the sport in their natural state without much interjection from the producers.

Where Dust To Glory seems somewhat posed, this documentary is organic and fascinating. Even if you’re not into racing, this is a well-done documentary worthy of your consideration.

That sounds like a great testimonial to me. For those of you who are into any sort of motorsport, or even interested in watching tales of men who are willing to sacrifice their lives at 200+ mph for the sole sake of winning, check out Faster. And since I don’t currently have a copy, I could use one as well.

If you have a Tivo, check out Long Way Round on Bravo. It is a documentary/reality show that chronicles a motorcycle journey by Ewan McGregor and friend Charley Boorman from London to New York – the long way. It is exactly what reality TV should be. It’s reminded me that I really need to make that trip to Alaska that I’ve talked about :-)

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