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October 9, 2005

Reminding politicians where the power lies

I made a point commenting at Sunni’s place in response to the idea that we are losing liberty in the USA but without losing our free speech rights. My point was that before the creation of the internet, political power and political speech was being centralized and consolidated into the hands of the powerful. It doesn’t matter whether we have freedom of speech when the press is owned by corporatist interests who want nothing more than stability and a docile public.

Why else do you think there was a possible terrorist attack at the OU-Kansas game last weekend, and nobody in the legacy media seems to care? Assuming that it was a terrorist attack, it failed. But there’s been no mention of it whatsoever, because the media can get away with ignoring it. If they don’t say it’s a story, it’s not a story.

But my point at Sunni’s place is that things are changing. We have the internet. All of a sudden, the press has changed hands. It’s back in ours. The level of communication and the groups that are coming together as a result of that communication will change the game. We saw the media change when Dan Rather got smacked down. We’ll see the face of politics change with Porkbusters. If not today, perhaps tomorrow or the next.

And now Eric wants to throw another Tea Party:

So, here’s the idea. Many Americans are completely disgusted with the government right now and feel, rightly, that they are no longer represented. We feel that we are being taxed, and our tax money being used without our consent, in ways that are flat out wrong. We hate the pork spending we see every day while our government spends more and more money that they have borrowed, which leads to even more taxes in the future. We once sent a message to the King of England that he couldn’t ignore (after years of ignoring our petitions and pleas). Let’s send a signal to Washington that has its roots in the origin of our country, one that they can’t misunderstand.

Here’s how to do it. Write your Senators and Representatives a letter, with details of where you take issue with their actions. A physical letter, not an email. Then tuck a tea bag into the letter. Send it to the local office, not the DC office. If you send it to DC, they will probably never receive the tea bag due to the postal security around Congress. In the next day or two I’m going to have put together a way for everyone doing it to let me know who they’ve sent tea bags to, and why.

Eric, that’s the best damn idea I’ve heard in a long time. We limited-government types used to just be a bunch of lone nuts tilting at windmills. Nobody listens to lone nuts. But now, we can coordinate, communicate, and initiate group action. We’re still in the early days of this debate, but we are starting to drive debate and opinion. They can no longer ignore us.

I think Senator Isakson is going to get a tea bag with a letter asking why he won’t support the FairTax.

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