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November 21, 2005

More admin stuff…

Just upgraded a couple of things here, including upgrading the version of Wordpress. So far it looks like everything still works, but we’ll see. If you see anything that seems broken, let me know. As always, if you see anything about the template that doesn’t look right or doesn’t work, feel free to tell me. And thankfully, I made a backup of my template before I started, because I had been editing the standard Wordpress Template all this time, and it restored everything in that template to default! So I’ve now created the “Unrepentant Individual” template. I plan to make this available for download once I clean somethings up and clear out some of my personal links/blogrolls/etc.

And there is now a new group blog called The Liberty Papers, started by Eric. The idea for The Liberty Papers, I suspect, was born out of discussions amongst a few of us that we should start pamphleteering. My goal out of this would be to start a forum for writing on topics beyond the length that would be read on any blogs. I need to get some practice writing 10-20 page articles if I’m ever going to be ready to write a book!

Eric has started The Liberty Papers as a classical liberalism group blog, much like Catallarchy is for anarcho-capitalists. In addition, this will be a forum where we can host and maintain pamphlet-length articles. He has asked me, as well as a number of other bloggers to be a part of this. It should be a good place to bookmark, and to check out from time to time as it matures.

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