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March 31, 2006

Why Jill Carroll is Free

Jill Carroll, a journalist for the Christian Science Monitor, was taken hostage months ago and used as a bargaining chip by her terrorist captors. Deadlines passed, demands were not met, yet Jill Carroll was not killed. Despite the expectation, videos never surfaced on the internet of a cruel, brutal beheading.

Why? Why did the terrorists let her go? Did they have pangs of conscience about killing a woman? Have they suddenly become kinder and gentler?

Of course not. The adherents of the brutal ideology that suggests women who commit adultery should be bludgeoned to death in a hail of stones haven’t changed their tune, just their tactics.

Let me reiterate. Jill Carroll, who claims she “doesn’t know why I was kidnapped”, was nothing more than a bargaining chip. As was Nick Berg. As were the countless other hostages taken by the terrorists. They don’t care whether it’s a journalist, a missionary, a “peace activist”, or a US soldier, they see westerners as a means to an end.

But we didn’t let them get away with it. When they tried to use hostages as a bargaining chip, we didn’t come to the table. They, understandably, tried to ratchet up the heat a bit, and started beheading those hostages. We still didn’t come to the table. We did not meet their demands, and they had no indication that we would in the future. Their bargaining chips didn’t have any worth.

All the time, they were losing moral support throughout the world. It is easy to take a hostage and issue demands that must be met before the hostage is released. That may be a violation of the Geneva Convention (I’m not sure), but it’s pretty standard practice. The world doesn’t bat an eye when that happens. But when you start beheading people? All of a sudden the world gets a lot less sympathetic to your cause.

Never underestimate your enemy. The terrorists see what world opinion is doing, and they know if they release Jill Carroll, they come out looking like reasonable parties to this conflict. If they behead Jill Carroll, they look like brutal murdering thugs. Jill Carroll is just a pawn in this game, a game the enemy is getting better at. We must remember what the terrorists are fighting for— the enslavement and oppression of the world under the guise of Islam. They realize what damage those beheadings were doing to their ultimate goal, and their change here is tactical, not based on a change of beliefs or goal.

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