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May 11, 2006

Burn the Witch!

Hearing officer: ‘Potter’ should stay on shelves

In the fight to stay on the shelves of Gwinnett County schools, it looks like Harry Potter has won another battle.

The hearing officer in the case has strongly recommended that the best-selling book series stay in school libraries. The decision came after Laura Mallory, a Loganville mother with three children at J.C. Magill Elementary School, filed formal complaints requesting all the Harry Potter books be removed.

Mallory said the books’ descriptions of witchcraft, spells, “demonic activity, murder and evil blood sacrifice” may inspire young readers to pursue occult activities.

Ooh, let’s see where they can take this… They’ll need to remove the Chronicles of Narnia series, because that might inspire young readers towards Christianity, and with the separation of Church and State, we can’t expose youngsters to religion. And they’ll have to stop having children read The Diary of Anne Frank, because those kids might just be inspired to commit a holocaust or two. Let’s definitely stop them from reading The Great Gatsby, because we don’t want to inspire kids to live the “flapper lifestyle”, do we? I’m not even going to get into the filth-laden Catcher in the Rye…

And for the full coup de grace, let’s make sure we pull out “The Cat in the Hat”. Young minds simply aren’t capable of handling the idea of a talking, upright-walking cat. Their fragile little minds might be inspired to put a hat on their cat and mess up the house!

Give me a break… Thankfully, it’s possible cooler heads might prevail:

Hearing officer Su Ellen Bray wrote in her recommendation 10 reasons why she thought the books should remain in school libraries.

She argued that they encouraged children to read for pleasure, and that most students who read them would know they were fantasy, not fact. She also said the books promoted positive themes, such as good prevailing over evil.

Her last reason summarized many of Bray’s earlier points: “To remove this series of critically acclaimed and highly popular books from the school media centers because of a challenge of one parent who has not read any one of the books in its entirety, who has mistakenly identified the themes of the books, and whose main argument is that the books teach the readers to be evil, would open this very fine school system to ridicule by many of its citizens as well as citizens of this nation.

Let me shorten down this recommendation for you: “The lady is a nutjob, and we shouldn’t let our educational system be hijacked by this nutjob. Even if it IS Georgia…”

I think it’s about time to find Ms. Mallory’s address, and start sending her kids some of the favorite books I read growing up… I’ll start with The Great Brain series, I absolutely *loved* those when I was younger…

PS – For any of you with young kids (particularly boys), The Great Brain series is a wonderful start on getting your kid to read. I absolutely devoured those books in grade school…

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  1. Same here, the great brain series were like andy hardy for smart kids. WAY better than Encyclopedia Brown.

    Comment by Chris Byrne — May 11, 2006 @ 5:56 pm
  2. Here’s what people like this lady need to get a grip on – if you don’t want your kiddos reading it, then that’s your right as a parent. But you have no right to dictate to others what they allow their offspring to read, watch, etc. Censorship at home is, and should be, allowed. Censorship outside the home should be by natural selection – i.e. if folks don’t buy it or read it, it dies a natural death. While I’ve never personally read the Rowling books, I thought the movies rather insipid – but my daughters liked them.

    Comment by Kay Harrison — May 15, 2006 @ 2:50 pm

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