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May 30, 2006

Carnival of Liberty XLVII

Sorry for not posting much. Over the weekend, I was working on the laptop, and the dogs decided to start fighting each other. I put the laptop on the arm of my chair to go after the dogs, and as soon as I got up, it fell and destroyed my wireless card.

Luckily, I was able to get this post, over at The Liberty Papers, done and posted before my clumsiness got the better of me. It looks back at history, asking whether politics today are any more nasty than the politics of the past. Check it out.

That post was included in the Carnival of Liberty #47, up today at the New World Man. I haven’t had a chance to go through and read everything over there yet (it’s a busy day), but I highly suggest you do so. He’s got an Indy 500 theme, to the extent that he even referenced the Purdue Marching Band with my post. I’m glad it wasn’t Notre Dame, or I’d have had to beat him senseless with a shillelagh. And, of course, with the Indy 500 theme, there are pictures of Danica Patrick throughout the post, so I really suggest you head over and visit!

In other news, I introduced my neighbor to homebrewing yesterday, as he brewed a basic IPA, and I brewed my Stone Ruination IPA Clone. He hasn’t even had a taste yet, but I think he’s hooked on this hobby!

mmm... beer

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