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June 30, 2006

Randy Walker Dies at 52

Walker, coach of the Northwestern Wildcats, died last night as a result of an apparent heart attack.

Northwestern University football coach Randy Walker died of an apparent heart attack Thursday night. He was 52.

Walker died after feeling chest pains around 10 p.m. at his suburban Chicago home, said Mike Wolf, the school’s assistant athletic director for media services.

“This is a devastating loss, not only for our athletic program, but for the entire Northwestern community,” athletic director Mark Murphy said in a statement early Friday. “Randy truly embraced Northwestern and its mission, and cared deeply for his student-athletes, both on and off the field.”

As a football program, Northwestern was a perennial also-ran in the Big Ten. Walker managed to put together a few strong teams during his time, though, and was a respected coach.

But more importantly, he was respected throughout the Big Ten and college football for more than his talent with X’s and O’s. Walker was known throughout the conference for running an ethical, above-board football program. He was well-liked by fellow coaches, his players, and fans alike. He’ll be missed.

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What Did She Order?

PETA Targets Beyonce at Dinner

Beyonce Knowles had several surprise guests at a recent dinner, where members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals peppered the pop star with questions about her fur use.

An eBay auction offered fans a chance to dine with Knowles, and PETA secretly placed the winning bid. At the dinner Wednesday at the chic Nobu 57 restaurant, members of the animal rights group confronted Knowles about wearing fur coats and using fur in her clothing line, House of Dereon.

A video of the encounter, posted on , shows a stunned Knowles, unresponsive to the allegations and appealing to others in her group to react. The PETA guests, whose tone was conversational but persistent, are eventually kicked out of the restaurant.

Wow… I can say that I do applaud PETA, a group I normally consider to be the Scientologists of the animal rights movement, for at least behaving in an adult manner. They paid their money and probably didn’t deserve to be kicked out (bear in mind, I haven’t watched the video, so they may deserve it).

My question is, what did she order? I know that if I were bombarded with PETA, I’d order accordingly.

Rabbit with foie gras, with a side of tuna-free dolphin, please. :-)

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June 29, 2006

Patriotic Dogs

The wife was in charge of this one (obviously!), so I couldn’t talk her into Gadsdens

Patriotic Dogs

Dogs linked with Dogs - About Dog Philosophy
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Warming or Cooling?

I was watching The Daily Show last night, Al Gore was on. Apparently, in the movie An Inconvenient Truth, he shows what will happen if the ice caps melt, causing much of Florida, pretty much all of Manhattan, etc to be under water.

But I was struck by something… They changed their tune a couple of years ago. The new fear is “Abrupt Climate Change“, where the gulfstream stops flowing in the oceans and a new ice age begins.

What happened? Is Al Gore not keeping up with the talking points? We don’t have to worry about Manhattan being under water, if the movies are any indication, we need to worry about it being under ice.

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2 Posts @ The Liberty Papers

I’ve created two posts over at The Liberty Papers regarding the nature of Constitutions and legitimacy of government. I suggest reading, if you get a chance…

Constitutions: Why the EU Will Fail

The Legitimacy of Government

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My New Hero

I think I’ve figured out what to do with my basement

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June 28, 2006

I Have Tasted Ruination…

…and it was glorious!

Ruination IPA

It came out a little more red than I thought, but it tastes damn fine…

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June 27, 2006

Please Let This Be True… And Provable

First reported by’s rumor mill, now denied by Notre Dame (emphasis added):

Notre Dame denies violating rules regarding agents

Notre Dame responded Monday to allegations by that quarterback Brady Quinn and other potentially NFL-bound seniors could be deemed ineligible because Irish coach Charlie Weis told them to pick an agent before the season.

Notre Dame associate athletic director for compliance Mike Karowski called it “far-fetched.”

Quinn had been narrowing down potential professional agents, but that is not an NCAA violation. Players and agents can speak, but if no oral or written agreement is agreed upon and no gifts are given, the player’s eligibility remains intact.

“We told them they can’t make the final decision or any overtures,” Karowski said. “Are some of our kids working with a list of 10 as opposed to 30, sure, it’s permissible.”

Still, Quinn has been looking, and has reported that Don Yee – who represents New England quarterback Tom Brady – is the front-runner for Quinn. It also said that Weis told his players to make their agent selections before the season starts to limit distractions and should they do that, the players would become ineligible.

Boy, that’d sure be a shame, wouldn’t it? Could the “Luck O’ The Irish” have just been cheating all this time?

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Brew Update


Rear Center: My neighbor’s steam style ale, just moved from primary to secondary fermentation.

Right: My Frankenbeer. I’m still not sure what to make of this. But once it’s done, it’s going to go into that keg, and then we’ll see how it tastes…

Left: The Stone Vertical Epic 06.06.06 clone. This should end up being a strong dark Belgian Ale, and was racked onto the yeast from the Frankenbeer. It started fermenting nearly immediately, and is blowing so well that it’s pushing foam through the blowoff tube into that bucket. It should be in the 7.5% ABV range by the time it’s done, and the brew process seemed to go well. So I think it will be a nice beer once it’s done.


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Flag-Burning Amendment

Doug discusses the flag-burning amendment before the Senate. Apparently 66 of the 67 necessary votes are locked up, and it’s just a matter of finding the 67th to ensure this Amendment goes to the states.

That reminds me. As a new homeowner, I need to head to the store to pick up a flagpole, mounting hardware, etc.

If this vote passes, I will not fly an American flag, I will fly my Gadsden.

I will not fly an American flag when our own government turns it into a meaningless symbol. Our flag is a symbol of the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and this amendment spits on those freedoms.

When flag-burning is illegal, a much better symbol of liberty would be a burning flag. Since I don’t think I could bring myself to commit such an act, I simply won’t fly it at all.

Below The Beltway linked with Senate To Vote On Flag Burning Amendment Today
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Carnival of Liberty LI

Yep, #51 is up at Below the Beltway. Check it out. Doug has highlighted my post over at The Liberty Papers, which I highly suggest visiting as well.

Also interesting is Homeland Stupidity’s post, Make Mine Freedom. Michael embeds a 1948 propaganda short film from YouTube that you need to take a look at. Good stuff.

Next week, the Carnival will be coming back to The Unrepentant Individual. I hosted the first one, on July 4, 2005. This Tuesday, we celebrate our 1-year anniversary!

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June 26, 2006

MotoGP Update

Last week, I brought you video of the opening crash at the Mugello GP. As I mentioned, it blew open the whole championship, with a looming battle between Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden.

I mentioned that if anyone could catch Nicky, it’s Valentino. And that Nicky would have to prove he can win a race to prove to the world he’s worthy of the title. Unfortunately, this week was a bit anticlimactic. Valentino Rossi had a high-speed crash in practice, fracturing his right wrist, left ankle, and bruising himself up pretty bad. As a testament to just how tough these guys are, Rossi raced on Saturday, just two days after his injuries. But since your right hand controls the front brake, and your left foot controls the gear shifter, he was not riding 100%. Again, as a testament to his talent, he was able to turn an 18th-place grid position into a valiant 9th-place finish. But he’s found himself a lot farther away from winning this thing.

That’s not to say it wasn’t a heck of a race, though. Colin Edwards had been showing speed all weekend, and managed to jump out to an early lead. Nicky Hayden worked his way into second place, but had a couple of second deficit to make up. He managed to do so, and took the lead from Edwards on the second-to-last lap.

Edwards didn’t give up, though, and managed to catch back up with Nicky by the final section of the final lap. A battle was in the making. Below is what transpired, Nicky riding the black #69 Honda, and Edwards riding the yellow #5 Yamaha:

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson… D’OH!!!

So Nicky brings one home. He’s now got a 42-point championship lead on his nearest competitor (Dani Pedrosa), and 2nd through 5th place all within 4 points of each other.

It’s going to be a tough time for the rest of the season. Nicky has enough insulation now that he can win with consistent strong performances. One crash, one mechanical problem, though, and he’ll be back in the thick of it. I don’t know if I believe that Nicky can keep this up, so it’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks. Where he stands after the July race at Laguna Seca in California will tell the tale, and we’ll see how he handles the top spot in the two races between now and then.

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June 25, 2006

Coinstar Makes Life Better

I’m a Coinstar user. I realize they take about 9% of every dollar they count for me, but I’m lazier than I am cheap, and I’d rather take that deal than roll my own change…

But now they’ve pulled out that 9% fee, as long as you take your money as a gift card to one of the below retailers:
Virgin Digital
Pier 1
Linen’s & Things
Hollywood Video

So this makes me very happy. This gives me the full value of my change, which appeals to my cheap side. And it forces me to buy things for myself, which satiates my consumer need. All this without giving up my laziness!

Thank you, Coinstar!

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June 24, 2006

It’s About Time

NASA hopes to spur commercial space growth

It took help from the U.S. Postal Service to jump-start the nation’s commercial aviation industry in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin thinks a little push from government could do the same for the commercial space industry in the next several years.

The U.S. space agency is sponsoring a competition in which winning companies will get $500 million in seed money to develop space vehicles that NASA will never design, build or own. Like a U-Haul truck rental, NASA instead will merely lease them on a per-trip basis for sending cargo and eventually crew to the international space station.

The arrangement is unprecedented in the nearly 50-year history of the space agency, which traditionally oversees the development and construction of its own space vehicles instead of purchasing trips from private companies. NASA will pay out the money incrementally for each milestone achieved in the vehicles’ development. After that, the company or companies who win the competition will have to finance the vehicles on their own.

“I consider it to be a big gamble,” Griffin told a U.S. Senate committee recently. “It is well past time for NASA to do everything it can to stimulate commercial space transportation … and I’m trying to do that.”

I’d like to say that the commercial space industry will manage to flourish without this, but every little bit helps. At least we have someone who understands that if you want to get something done, you work with the private sector, not try to replace them.

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June 23, 2006

Who Cares About the Mussels?!

Atlanta gets its water from Lake Lanier, northeast of the city. And right now, Atlanta is in a drought, to the extent that we have watering restrictions for our houses and plants. Even worse, the Army Corps of Engineers “accidentally” released about 22 billion gallons of water because of a faulty gauge reporting water levels.

So it’s not exactly a good time for Atlanta. But an Alabama judge doesn’t care about that. He wants our water. Does he want it for the people of Alabama? Nope, he wants it for the mussels!

Judge orders 40 percent more water sent to Florida

An Alabama judge has ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to immediately send more water from the Chattahoochee River down to Florida.

Federal Judge Karon Bowdre cited the Endangered Species Act in her two-page order filed yesterday in Birmingham. The order says if more water is NOT sent to Florida, two types of freshwater mussels would be irreparably harmed.

Bowdre ordered the corps to release 40 percent more water into Florida for ten days.

What? WHAT?! Mussels?!?!

Those damned Alabama judges should go back to arguing over the Ten Commandments.

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