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June 10, 2006

Freaky-Deaky in the Zarqawi Household

Women clothing found in Zarqawi house

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was accompanied by women who wore skimpy night clothing, and read magazines on current affairs and militant propaganda, an inspection of the house he was killed in showed on Saturday.

The remains of Zarqawi’s isolated “safe house” also suggested that the al Qaeda leader in Iraq and his companions — which an Iraqi army officer said included two women and an eight-year-old girl — lived with few luxuries.

There were few clues on Zarqawi’s extreme ideology or the militant groups he was linked to in the rubble of the building that was pulverized by two 500-pound (227-kg) bombs in a U.S. air strike on Wednesday.

One leaflet identified a radio station in Latifiya south of the capital as an apparent target. A few feet away was a magazine picture of former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Also beside the slabs of concrete was a woman’s leopard skin nightgown and other skimpy women’s clothes.

That devout Muslim was living with unwholesome women who wore skimpy lingerie? That can’t be good for Al-Qaeda morale… The foot soldiers are dreaming of being martyred for their 72 virgins, while Zarqawi’s getting freaky with scantily-clad sluts? Just as people blast folks like Bill Bennett for not living up to the ideals of the movement they lead, I can’t imagine the excuses Zarqawi’s defenders are going to have to go through to explain this one…

Of course, they didn’t include one possibility, which might be even more damaging to Al Qaeda morale… Perhaps that women’s clothing was in the Zark-man’s size?

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  1. In Islam it is no problem if they were his wives, they would only be consealed out in public.
    I was alway bothered by the use of the presense of the female as an interrogation technique. Religion does not sequester the male, or should I say men will be men.

    Comment by VRB — June 10, 2006 @ 10:29 am
  2. I am wondering if Al Qaeda has a “Don’t ask… don’t tell” policy…

    Hopefully, now that Mr. Wonderful is getting his eye-sockets filled with lava by a horned Beezlebub, I wonder if he’s being forced to wear a leopard-skinned nightie.

    Comment by Libercontrarian — June 10, 2006 @ 1:31 pm
  3. I really wonder what the heck the photo of FDR was doing there…

    Comment by Quincy — June 11, 2006 @ 12:46 am
  4. VRB,

    Yeah, I know there’s a lot of explanations that involve him not violating the tenets of Islam. But I wanted a post to make a joke about Zarqawi being a cross-dresser :-)


    It’s almost enough to make me want to believe there is a hell!


    Me too.

    Comment by Brad Warbiany — June 11, 2006 @ 9:25 am

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