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June 21, 2006

That’s Not Amber!

I was brewing with the neighbor over the weekend. I’ve long been a fan of New Belgium’s Fat Tire Amber Ale. Since it’s not distributed in Georgia, I decided to brew my own clone. I found this recipe, and figured it would be pretty close…

Not so much. I was trying to change the recipe to get yeast ready for my next batch, which will be much stronger and thus needs a serious amount of active yeast to get going. So I added some more malt extract and hops, to “kick it up a notch”, and decided to use a Trappist yeast suitable for Belgian-style ales, which is the batch I’m brewing this weekend.

So it was intended to be an experiment. I expected a Belgian Amber Ale, roughly in the 6% ABV range. Well, I got a Belgian ale, and preliminary calculations will put it in that alcohol range. But it sure ain’t amber! This stuff is in the realm of brown ale, definitely not what was intended. So I need to invest in ProMash, to vet some of these recipes before I proceed.

It’s still in primary fermentation, and it does seem to smell pretty good, but I’m not sure what it’s going to look like or taste like when it’s done. I’m sure it will be interesting, and I’m thinking about naming it the “Frankenbeer”. I’ll keep everyone updated as it progresses…

On the bright side, my clone of the Stone Ruination IPA is tasting pretty good. I bottled it on Sunday and got a taste. For a room-temperature, non-carbonated beer, it’s already tastes incredible. So in a week or so, it’s going to be wonderful…

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