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June 23, 2006

Who Cares About the Mussels?!

Atlanta gets its water from Lake Lanier, northeast of the city. And right now, Atlanta is in a drought, to the extent that we have watering restrictions for our houses and plants. Even worse, the Army Corps of Engineers “accidentally” released about 22 billion gallons of water because of a faulty gauge reporting water levels.

So it’s not exactly a good time for Atlanta. But an Alabama judge doesn’t care about that. He wants our water. Does he want it for the people of Alabama? Nope, he wants it for the mussels!

Judge orders 40 percent more water sent to Florida

An Alabama judge has ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to immediately send more water from the Chattahoochee River down to Florida.

Federal Judge Karon Bowdre cited the Endangered Species Act in her two-page order filed yesterday in Birmingham. The order says if more water is NOT sent to Florida, two types of freshwater mussels would be irreparably harmed.

Bowdre ordered the corps to release 40 percent more water into Florida for ten days.

What? WHAT?! Mussels?!?!

Those damned Alabama judges should go back to arguing over the Ten Commandments.

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  1. How can a judge in Alabama order Georgia to send water to Florida? If they would only wait a few months they might have more water than they want when the hurricanes start coming.

    Comment by Lucy Stern — June 23, 2006 @ 9:27 pm
  2. O.K. I can see that you are new to this three state area and its water war. So let me give you a short explanation of the insanity. Basically, the giant city of Atlanta has decided that it can dam and pollute the Chattahoochee however it sees fit; having absolutely no regard for the water needs of the two states further south on the river. This is probably the second largest water dispute in the country, second only to the war over the Colorado, which I am sure you heard plenty about in California. Its funny, it has become part of the cultural experience. When my father learned that Chris was from Atlanta, he commented that we had been drinking his waste water for years(but not nearly that nicely). Many who live south of Atlanta believe that the residents of Atlanta are a hord of yuppy, half-yankees who already think they are better than the south.Then you proceed to laugh at our mussels? Yah, just warning you, be careful, you might as well say something equally as insulting to Alabama, North Florida and South Georgia(yes those might as well be a seperate states). Maybe you could say that Bear Bryant was a horrible coach, or that Harper Lee didn’t really write To Kill a Mockingbird, or that Claifornia Peaches are better than Georgia Peaches, or that Disney Land is better than Disney World. I warn you though, be careful venturing outside of the 285 loop with any of the above opinions.

    Comment by Rachel — June 26, 2006 @ 8:25 pm

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