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June 26, 2006

MotoGP Update

Last week, I brought you video of the opening crash at the Mugello GP. As I mentioned, it blew open the whole championship, with a looming battle between Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden.

I mentioned that if anyone could catch Nicky, it’s Valentino. And that Nicky would have to prove he can win a race to prove to the world he’s worthy of the title. Unfortunately, this week was a bit anticlimactic. Valentino Rossi had a high-speed crash in practice, fracturing his right wrist, left ankle, and bruising himself up pretty bad. As a testament to just how tough these guys are, Rossi raced on Saturday, just two days after his injuries. But since your right hand controls the front brake, and your left foot controls the gear shifter, he was not riding 100%. Again, as a testament to his talent, he was able to turn an 18th-place grid position into a valiant 9th-place finish. But he’s found himself a lot farther away from winning this thing.

That’s not to say it wasn’t a heck of a race, though. Colin Edwards had been showing speed all weekend, and managed to jump out to an early lead. Nicky Hayden worked his way into second place, but had a couple of second deficit to make up. He managed to do so, and took the lead from Edwards on the second-to-last lap.

Edwards didn’t give up, though, and managed to catch back up with Nicky by the final section of the final lap. A battle was in the making. Below is what transpired, Nicky riding the black #69 Honda, and Edwards riding the yellow #5 Yamaha:

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson… D’OH!!!

So Nicky brings one home. He’s now got a 42-point championship lead on his nearest competitor (Dani Pedrosa), and 2nd through 5th place all within 4 points of each other.

It’s going to be a tough time for the rest of the season. Nicky has enough insulation now that he can win with consistent strong performances. One crash, one mechanical problem, though, and he’ll be back in the thick of it. I don’t know if I believe that Nicky can keep this up, so it’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks. Where he stands after the July race at Laguna Seca in California will tell the tale, and we’ll see how he handles the top spot in the two races between now and then.

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