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June 30, 2006

What Did She Order?

PETA Targets Beyonce at Dinner

Beyonce Knowles had several surprise guests at a recent dinner, where members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals peppered the pop star with questions about her fur use.

An eBay auction offered fans a chance to dine with Knowles, and PETA secretly placed the winning bid. At the dinner Wednesday at the chic Nobu 57 restaurant, members of the animal rights group confronted Knowles about wearing fur coats and using fur in her clothing line, House of Dereon.

A video of the encounter, posted on , shows a stunned Knowles, unresponsive to the allegations and appealing to others in her group to react. The PETA guests, whose tone was conversational but persistent, are eventually kicked out of the restaurant.

Wow… I can say that I do applaud PETA, a group I normally consider to be the Scientologists of the animal rights movement, for at least behaving in an adult manner. They paid their money and probably didn’t deserve to be kicked out (bear in mind, I haven’t watched the video, so they may deserve it).

My question is, what did she order? I know that if I were bombarded with PETA, I’d order accordingly.

Rabbit with foie gras, with a side of tuna-free dolphin, please. :-)

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