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July 2, 2006

Free Money!

As most of you know, I play poker online at I had hit a rough strain of luck, and ended up losing everything in my account, a year or so ago. Really, I had been pulling money out every time I had a big win, so I was definitely up overall. But with the run of bad luck, I hadn’t played much since.

Well, PartyPoker sends me an email about once or twice a quarter telling me they’ve put free money in my account. It’s the sort of thing where I must play a certain number of hands within a certain amount of time to keep the free money, and since I usually play tournaments, I need to win some tournaments to actually make money.

Well, I got an email a few days ago that they were putting $40 in my account. I used it to play a $33 buy-in single table tournament. Normally I’m pretty cavalier with the free money, but decided I’d play it conservative this time.

I was getting some decent cards, and pushing hands when I needed to. I always had a decent number of chips, and as the blinds increased, everyone else started knocking each other off. Eventually, we got to the top three, and nearly every hand I was holding ace-high or king-high. I ended up winning the tournament, for a cool $150!!!

This has me just about ready for my company tournament next week. Since I haven’t played poker much in the last few months, I needed a tune-up. My coworkers had better be ready, because I’m looking to repeat!

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  1. Go for it, Brad. As you know, I’m heading to Vegas on Sunday to play in the World Series of Poker on Monday. Wish me luck.

    Comment by Arizona Lawyer — July 6, 2006 @ 6:46 pm
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