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July 5, 2006

MotoGP @ Donington

One more round before they come back to the US. I said Hayden needed to put in consistent performances to stay in a commanding points lead. I don’t think he can win the championship without a decent lead, and he responded by putting in a fairly mediocre 7th-place finish at Donington on Sunday.

It was a wild race though. Not for the win, mind you, because once Dani Pedrosa got out in front, he was long gone. But second place was a very hard-fought battle. It started as a three-man race, between Marco Melandri, Kenny Roberts, and Casey Stoner. But in the middle, the injured Valentino Rossi joined the group. As yet another testament to exactly how incredible Rossi is, he started back in about 11th place, and was nowhere near the battle for the podium. But as he’s known to do, he always just has another gear, and managed to catch up. Astounding.

He and Melandri broke from Roberts & Stoner with about 3-4 laps to go, and the battle for second was between the two of them. And as they approached the last lap:

Experience wins out. Pedrosa wins, Rossi takes second, and Melandri rounds out the podium.

So that leaves us with Hayden out front with a 26-point championship lead over Pedrosa. He lost 16 points out of his previous advantage. In two weeks, they head to Germany, and if Hayden is going to prove his worth, another 7th-place finish just won’t cut it.

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