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August 1, 2006

Carnival of Liberty LVI

Up today at Homeland Stupidity. Mike must be a masochist, because for some reason he’s now hosted two weeks in a row. I couldn’t do that…

Two posts stuck out in my reading:

Lisa at The London Fog is doing a little census civil disobediance up there in Canadia. It appears that the Canadians desire to know all sorts of arcane information about where Lisa lives, how much money she makes, how she raises her children (which I think she doesn’t have), etc etc. While I’m sure Lisa lives a tremendously interesting life, one which we could all learn a great deal from, I share her worry about providing such information to the government.

But “Wait!!”, you say, “that’s for those silly folks up in the Great White North”— or as I like to call it, America-Lite— “and we won’t have that here in the US!” Think again. We’ve got the American Community Survey. If you choose not to fill it out, the DOJ can fine you between $100 and $5000. You can be damned sure that if one of these packets show up at my door, it’s not being responded to by me. If people show up at my door looking for this information? That’s too bad, you’re not getting it.

Second is the Pubcrawler with The Death of the Electric Car. Two things about this post. First, he goes into a discussion of why electric cars currently aren’t cost-effective. Overall, this is a pretty good analysis, because even counting the range issues, there are battery-replacement issues, and the technology just isn’t quite mature enough yet. In addition, he does quite a bit to explain why it’s the private sector working to solve these problems, not the government, when everyone in the media is wondering why “the government” doesn’t do more. But I think the second part of his post, trying to compare the new Tesla electric car with normal cars, misses the point. I think Tesla Motors is not trying to make a car that is competitive with normal cars. They’re building toys. It’s an electric sports car, made for the super-rich. It may do a lot to help the technology progress, but it’s not intended to replace a family sedan, it’s intended to go into these guys’ garages.

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  1. Well, I didn’t do it two weeks in a row, but I did do it two weeks this month. I probably won’t do it again for a while… :)

    Comment by Michael Hampton — August 1, 2006 @ 1:26 pm

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