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August 4, 2006

Georgia Implementing the FairTax?

They might, if Rep. Steve Davis has his way:

As some of you may know that this past year I introduced the Georgia Fair Tax, HB 1667, on the last day of the session. I actually had the bill drafted prior to the session and was seeking a fiscal note, however I did not meet the deadline to submit tax legislation to the Department of Audits (freshmen learning). I still tried to get the fiscal note during the session but to no available, but introduced the bill anyway on the last day to open discussion during the off season.

Never the less, I had some time to review it and some time to research other aspects including the impact on the gas tax. I have made some minor changes to the bill and have submitted the bill to the Department of Audits, many months before the November deadline. You can view the new draft legislation here. I have received confirmation(view it here and here) of the request and they are preparing the analysis and fiscal note. I would like to point out this is a piece of draft legislation that will be adjusted during the legislative process and I encourage any and all recommendations from my constituents as well as my colleagues in the General Assembly.

Perhaps if it works extremely well here, the rest of the country may actually take notice. Georgia is already a job-friendly state due to the relatively low cost of living and educated population in the Atlanta area, and this will only help.

Hat Tip: Jason Pye

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