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August 29, 2006

Moved Up To Stinky Farty Smelly!

To quote Lewis Black, anyway…

Georgia finishes 46th in SAT scores

Georgia has escaped the cellar on the SATs, the tests widely used for college admissions.

Results released Tuesday show Georgia’s students performed well enough to lift the state to 46th place, up last year from a tie for last with South Carolina.

Relative success on the writing portion of the New SATs appeared to have helped raise the achievement level.

With the added writing portion, the new SATs have a total possible score of 2400. Previously, 1600 was a perfect score on the tests.

Georgia’s overall score was 1477, which was lower than the national average of 1518.

The state remained last in math, with an average of 496 out of a possible 800. The state’s score on the verbal portion of the test — now known as critical reading — fell three points to 494 of a possible 800.

Pennsylvania, Florida and South Carolina all scored lower than Georgia on the new test, with Hawaii pulling up the rear, according to results released by the College Board, overseer of the powerful college admissions exam.

Bastards… This new scoring scale makes my score seem a lot less impressive.

I would like to see how my local school district scored, though. I moved here because it was one of the top districts in the state. But if it’s just a matter of beating up on losers, I might have to consider private schooling anyway. Good thing I’ve got several years to figure it out.

Hat Tip: Jason Pye

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  1. With all the special tutoring that some get and other don’t, I wouldn’t not depend on the scores in your school district to determine if it has good schools. Talk to parents, take a look at the cirriculum and visit the schools.

    Comment by VRB — August 30, 2006 @ 11:34 am

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