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September 30, 2006

2006 NCAA Football Predictions — Week 5

Well, I’m 8-12 against the spread (improving from my 2-7 start after week 2), and a low 15-6 straight up (damn you, schools in Michigan!)… Now, though, we’re getting into the meat of the season. There aren’t as many expected blowouts when you get into conference play, unless you’re playing Illinois, a 26-point underdog to MSU. Furthermore, this is conference play, where things get a lot hotter. You’re no longer trying to pad your win total for bowl eligibility, you’re battling for conference standings and the question of whether your bowl will be Jan 1, or a lowly December bowl game.

So let’s see if I might improve my record this week.

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September 29, 2006

You Might Be a Homebrewer If

This isn’t mine, but it’s funny as hell! There are quite a few of these that apply to me, such as the fact that I’ve got 30+ gallons of beer at home at the moment, and that doesn’t seem like all that much!


You might be a homebrewer if…

IF you wander through the isles of the grocery store saying to yourself “I wonder if that would ferment.”

IF you know what the hell a sparge arm is.

IF you have more empty bottles in your house than Teddy Kennedy.

IF your idea of international diplomacy is combining Belgian yeast with British malts and German hops.

IF the FBI raids yous house, suspecting that your yeast ranch is a WMD lab.

IF you know the secret motto “RDWHAH”.

IF you’ve been banned from the kitchen ever since the “Boilover Incident of ’99″.

IF you’ve ever tried to improve a Budweiser by stirring in a crumbled hop pellet.

IF you have a hose adapter permanently attached to your kitchen faucet.

IF you wanted to name the puppy “Fuggles.”

IF you own a sterile trash can.

IF you have more than 10 gallons of beer in your home right now.

IF you measure beer in gallons.

IF you don’t think 10 gallons of beer is a lot.

IF you’re ever used a mop on a ceiling.

IF all party invitations you receive say “bring a keg.”

IF you have a large stove pot that no one else is allowed to use.

IF you’ve ever driven your car in winter with the windows down and the heat off because you were afraid the cooler in the backseat was getting warm.

IF you’ve ever stumped the tour guide on a megabrewery tour, deliberately.

IF you have a glass that you wash by hand instead of in the dishwasher.

IF you’ve ever said any of these phrases:
“In a not-frosted glass, please.”
“Probably dirty hoses.”
“What kind of beer is it supposed to be?”
“By weight or by volume?”
“My yeast is ready.”
“Aw, crap, twist-offs.”

IF there is a bottle in the refrigerator with an air lock on it.

IF you’ve ever butted into the conversation of total strangers because you overheard the word “sparge.”

IF you can’t remember the last time you popped open a flip-top beer can.

IF your favorite character on Bonanza reruns is Hop Sing.

IF you’ve ever cut a hole in a refrigerator door.

IF you’ve ever gone to a redemption center to buy bottles.

IF your 10-year-old critiques the clarity and head retention of her root beer.

IF the owner of the beer store doesn’t remember your name anymore.

IF a waitress has said you’re the first person ever to send a beer back.

IF your kid entered the science fair with a demonstration of =

IF you’ve ever bought a six-pack of beer just because you liked the empties.

IF walking across your kitchen floor sounds like Velcro.

IF you’ve even thought about adding hop oil to unscented love oil.

IF you’ve ever pulled bottles out of other people’s recycling bins.

IF you’ve ever put the kids to bed dirty because the tub was full of soaking bottles.

IF every T-shirt you own is from a brewpub or microbrewery.

IF your key chain has a bottle opener on it.

IF you have a T-shirt or bumper sticker that says:
“I Brew, Therefore I Am”
“I Fear No Beer”…
“I’d rather be home…brewing!”

IF you refer to the foam on a pot of boiling spaghetti as “hot break”.

IF you have several boxes of empties (various sizes and types) in your garage, even though you Keg, “just in case”.

IF you have ever put hops in your coffee, and thought “Hey, that’s better!”

IF you find yourself standing next to another guy at Home Depot holding several brass fittings and a cooler.

IF you can brag that your vehicle can actually hold 40 cornies and still have room in the front seat…

IF you have more refrigerators in your garage than in your house.

IF you have more taps at home than in the corner bar.

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September 26, 2006

Purdue @ Notre Dame — A Preview

Well, as I’m sure most of you have been able to tell, this is one of the biggest games of the year for me. I’ve been thinking about it since the final moments of the Purdue-Minnesota game. I’m not going to actually make a pick yet, at least until I see the line, but here’s how we stack up.

Notre Dame entered this year ranked #2, and I said they were overrated. They survived a scare against Georgia Tech to start the season, when inexplicably the Georgia Tech coaches decided to stop throwing the ball to Calvin Johnson. They beat Penn State handily, but Penn State gave them 5 turnovers, and also inexplicably didn’t attempt to beat Notre Dame by blitzing Brady Quinn. Michigan destroyed Notre Dame, albeit with the help of quite a few turnovers, and planted Quinn on his back early and often. Michigan State was on pace to rout Notre Dame, but in usual fashion, imploded. Notre Dame is currently ranked 12th, but hasn’t looked like the powerhouse they were expected to be.

Purdue, on the other hand, wasn’t expected to be a powerhouse, and if they’re going to be so by the end of the year, they haven’t shown it yet. Purdue’s offense has been racking up yards and points in big bunches, but their defense hasn’t really shut anyone down. They’re currently 4-0 and would be ranked about 29th in the AP poll, which isn’t a surprise who they’ve played and how they’ve beaten them (close). What has impressed me, though, is their tenacity in the face of adversity, and the way they’ve learned and improved over the season. The defense we had on September 2nd was the defense I saw last Saturday, and the one we unveil this weekend should be just a bit better than last week. Beyond that is the way this team has stepped up and big plays when it needed big plays. Purdue over the last two years has had a horrible tendency to fold at the end of a close game. This team looks like the type that will fight like a cornered dog from kickoff to final whistle.

How does this play out for Saturday? Notre Dame should win this game. They have a lot more experience at the skill positions, and while I think they’re overrated, they’re not a bad team. On paper, Purdue isn’t quite ready for them. But I don’t think the Purdue players care about that. This is a rivalry game, and I guarantee they’re not scared of walking into that stadium and laying it out on the field.

So here’s how they stack up.

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September 25, 2006

Headed to Boston

Headed out for a tradeshow. Normally that would mean I’ll have down time in a hotel, but not this week. The wife realized that she had a free hotel in Boston, one of her favorite cities, and that she had all sorts of frequent flier miles available. So she’s heading out with me. That means when I’m not doing show-related work, I’ll be doing the tourism bit with her, and probably won’t be able to post much at all. I’ll schedule a Purdue post for Tuesday, but don’t be surprised if I’m not responding to comments.

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September 24, 2006

MotoGP — Heating Up

Well, it was raining today, so I couldn’t do any yardwork (oh, darn!)… So I managed to watch the MotoGP round in Japan. The race itself wasn’t very exciting. Capirossi ran away at the front, Rossi gave chase but never got close enough to challenge, and the top 8 mostly stayed in place the whole race. There was so little excitement that I thought I was watching Formula 1!!!

But while the race wasn’t hot, the championship standing is getting there. Nicky Hayden finished down in 5th, allowing Valentino Rossi to come within 12 points with a mere 2 races remaining. Hayden hasn’t been the most electrifying rider this year, but he hasn’t fallen off or had mechanical issues. He’s certainly been a bit underwhelming here at the end of the season, and it will only take two finishes behind Rossi for him to lose the championship.

Hayden understands this, and I’m thinking he’s getting to the point where he’s desperate. He could start pushing too hard and cause some fireworks over the next few races. They’re off until Oct 14th, so he’ll have some time to contemplate it…

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September 23, 2006

The Chill of Fall…

…has apparently found the Michigan State Spartans

It’s no secret that they’ve had a tendency to melt down about mid-season. But it’s coming early this year.

Playing Notre Dame, up 37-21 in the fourth quarter, they get the ball and they’re comfortably within Notre Dame territory. Which they proceed to turn into a 3rd and 42 yards, back on their own 35 or so, through several holding penalties and a sack. Shot themselves right in the foot.

So Notre Dame scores, to come back to 37-27 (missed 2-pt conversion). About six minutes left in the game, MSU with the ball back, Drew Stanton runs the option, getting the ball stripped and giving it back to Notre Dame deep in MSU territory. Touchdown Notre Dame, missing the extra point to leave it at 37-33.

So MSU gets the ball again, and all they need to do is run out the clock to take the win. But they need to get a first down. What do they do? 3rd down, under pressure, Stanton throws a pick, returned by ND for the touchdown. Notre Dame wins 40-37.

It’s one of the worst meltdowns I think I’ve ever seen. We’re not talking about a situation where Notre Dame took over and beat them, we’re talking about MSU beating themselves.

2006 is over for Michigan State. They’re 3-1 right now, but they’ll be very lucky to make a bowl game. They may beat winless Illinois next week, but with this Michigan State team, even that is in jeopardy.

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September 22, 2006

2006 NCAA Football Predictions – Week 4

Well, so far I’m 5-10 against the spread, but 11-4 straight up. Not doing well, but the games are getting easier and easier as we progress. There are some big games in the Big Ten this weekend, but every Big Ten game this week is in a stadium with thunderstorms predicted (except Northwestern, which is in Nevada on Friday). That may play a major role, as passing teams like Purdue in the rain and wind lose some weapons. I’ve got a couple of Big Ten picks, and a few outside this week. So let’s see how they turn out…

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September 21, 2006

Tasting Notes

So, the clone I brewed of the Stone Vertical Epic Ale 06.06.06 is finally mature enough to drink. And the Victorious Boilermaker IPA has been in the keg a few days. I must say, both are doing very well…

Stone Vertical Epic Ale clone

This is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, and it has a very deep color. Not quite as black and opaque as a stout, but close. More of a very deep red color to it, slightly translucent. Being a Belgian, it’s got a fruity, estery smell, almost like a fine port. It’s light on the tongue, but with a very complex flavor, the result of dark grains and the Belgian yeast strain. All in all, this is already a good beer. It’s the first I’ve had of this batch since I bottled it a month and a half ago, and while I worried it would take longer than this to age and mature, it seems to be doing quite well for itself. More time is always beneficial, but I might start breaking into these every once in a while.

Victorious Boilermaker IPA

As I mentioned previously, this was my first all-grain beer, and I was a little bit worried about it. I didn’t hit anywhere near the right target metrics during the brew process, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Well, my fears were completely unfounded! Now, this isn’t a beer for everyone. It’s a hop machine, weighing in at an unbalanced 6.4% alcohol with a whoppingly-bitter 110+ IBU’s! It was intended as a fairly light-bodied ale, and it’s definitely not lacking bitterness. This is a beer for a true hop-head. Light, nice flavor, good pale color, and with a bitterness that will suck your cheeks out of your mouth. Again, it’s not for everyone, which just means there’s more for me!

I do believe I’ll have to pour a few pints of the Victorious Boilermaker IPA this Saturday, while watching my Boilermakers attempt to go 4-0 playing Minnesota and brewing up a Scottish Wee Heavy with fellow blogger Neal from autoDogmatic, and smoking some cigars… I do believe this is what they call the “good life”.

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September 19, 2006

Carnival of Liberty LXIII

Another week in, another Carnival of Liberty. I’ve been ultra-busy this week, so I’m not going to try to impress with flowery prose or exotic themes (even though I’d considered a beer-themed CoL). What I will do is give you a no-nonsense look at this week’s posts.

Grab your cup of coffee, or if I finish this that late in the day, your favorite adult beverage, have a seat, and prepare to see the world through a bunch of cranky libertarians’ eyes…

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September 18, 2006

Purdue Update

Well, I went 3-3 against the spread this week, and 4-2 straight up. The picks are starting to get a little more predictable now that we’ve got a few weeks of play.

I got to actually go to a game this weekend, and I have to say that I missed being in West Lafayette. I got a chance to go hang out before the game at my fraternity house. I met some of the current brothers, and a few alumni from my time also showed up. Ever enjoying the days back in school when alumni would show up with free booze, I had a cooler full of nice beer to share as well :-)

On the football field, Purdue is looking a little better, and I think they played much stronger football than the 38-28 final score indicated. With about 4 minutes to play, they were up 38-13 in a rout. I think they laid down and got a bit complacent, which isn’t too surprising for such a young team. But it did allow Ball State to rack up 15 very quick points. You can’t do that against better competition (which I’m sure the coaching staff will impress into their minds today).

So far, the Purdue offense is looking absolutely unstoppable. The only thing that can slow them down is Curtis Painter getting intercepted, which is happening FAR too often, but he’s a young guy and needs to learn a little more about reading defenses. Again, these mistakes, while costly, are manageable against the likes of Miami and Ball State, but they need to be cleaned up before we play teams like Notre Dame or Iowa. Purdue’s receiving corps, though, is looking stellar. Veteran Dorien Bryant is always a threat, but in past years we haven’t had big-play talent opposite him. In 2005, defenses would just bracket Bryant, shutting him down. This year, we have Greg Orton and Selwyn Lymon. While young, these guys are big, NFL-style wide receivers, with speed and athleticism that will one day make them stars. At tight end is Dustin Keller, who is widely considered a “freak of nature”. About 6′5″, 250 lbs, with inhuman strength, and 4.5 speed. And coming out of the backfield is RB Kory Sheets, who currently leads the NCAA in scoring with 60 points. Defenses can’t double-cover anyone on this team. Heck, they can’t COVER everyone at once effectively. There are just too many targets, and Painter showed last Saturday that he can spread the ball around to all of them. Add that to a 1-2 combination of Sheets and RB Jaycen Taylor in the backfield, and a very solid offensive line, and I don’t think there’s a defense we face this year that can effectively slow us down. As long as we don’t make our own mistakes, we can score on anyone.

The only problem, then, is how many points get scored on us. The defense is very, very young. And I can say from what I’ve seen so far that they’re improving. But they’ve got a long way to go. After already losing two defensive backs to injury, while already starting mostly freshman and sophomores on this team, we have a lot of room to grow. I think this team will get much better on defense, but I would say taking the Over on any Purdue game this year will be a good bet. Our defense means that we’ll be in some offensive shootouts this year. We’ve got plenty of firepower to match, but to win those games takes luck and senior leadership as much as skill. Against teams with senior QB’s like Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan State, we’ll be hard-pressed to win those battles.

Overall, though, I don’t think Purdue looks that bad. Which, given our scare against Indiana State and letting Miami take us to OT, is a very positive statement. I think we’re slightly better than even money to beat Minnesota this week, and probably destined to lose against both Notre Dame and Iowa. But even if that’s the case, and we’re 4-2 after Iowa, we’re still in decent shape. Our defense will be a different team by week 6, especially as we are already seeing notable improvement in their play week-to-week. Northwestern looks down this year, and I think we can beat them, and then perhaps split a 2-game home-stand against Wisconsin & Penn State. And it’s downhill from there. This team hasn’t really looked very good to start the season, and the growing pains have nearly cost us a game. But I see an attitude out of this team that they’re young and hungry for respect. Every week I see them learn from their mistakes, and get a little better. This team is going to be pretty good in a month, and be incredible the next two years.

Oh, and in other news, Notre Dame got crushed. It was a good day for two reasons. First, I always like to see Notre Dame lose, and they’re looking a lot more vulnerable than I thought they were. Second, Purdue doesn’t play Michigan this year, because they look tough. The Big Ten Championship just might come down to an undefeated Michigan and an undefeated Ohio State playing in November for the National Championship berth. Michigan is a complete team this year, and they just earned some serious street cred for it.

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September 16, 2006

2006 NCAA Football Predictions – Week 3

Well, I’m still 2-7 against the spread this season, but I was looking it over, and I’m 7-2 straight up. Considering that I’m trying to pick mostly competitive games, that could be a lot worse. So it’s time to look at week 3.

Oh, and BTW, I again won’t be able to live-blog the results. I’ll be sitting in beautiful Ross-Ade Stadium on a crisp fall Saturday, after tailgating with some friends, and then watching my beloved Boilermakers win some respect from David Letterman’s alma mater, Ball State.

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September 15, 2006


Go Blue! Remind Brady Quinn what turf tastes like!


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September 14, 2006

Brewing News

I realize I haven’t brought this up in a while. I’ve been brewing beer, but had a bit of lag in drinkable beer due to the type of stuff I was brewing. My Belgian Strong Dark Ale (Clone of the Stone Vertical Epic 06.06.06) is aging right now, and will be hitting it’s stride about the end of this month and into next month. My Imperial Stout is about to get bottled, and will be drinkable about 2 months after that (maybe late November). Those batches took up a lot of time in my fermentation vessels, cutting down on the amount of stuff I could have in the pipeline.

But now that pipeline is going to be bursting! My Victorious Boilermaker IPA went into the keg last night, so I’ll probably start drinking that on Monday when I get back from Indiana… It will be a great way to celebrate the Boilermaker victory that I’ll be watching on Saturday. A week ago, my neighbor brewed up a batch of the Sierra Nevada clone. Last night I brewed an Irish Red Ale that I’m thinking will make an excellent session beer. Monday the neighbor will be brewing a crazy Rye Pale Ale that he’s shooting for an ABV around 10% with his recipe. And next weekend I’ll be brewing something to follow up that Irish Red. I haven’t decided on a recipe, but I used a specific yeast to get my Red the way I want it, and I’ll need to tailor my next recipe to that strain.

We’ve started to get the process down of doing all-grain batches. My Victorious Boilermaker IPA had an absolutely beautiful color to it when I put it into the keg, but as I mentioned a while back, I didn’t really hit my target numbers. The Irish Red last night was right about the efficiency I should be hitting, and the process really went smoothly. I hit good numbers and it certainly looked like a great beer. I’m sitting back thinking I need to drink that IPA quickly to make room in the keg for the Red!

It’s going to be a blurry fall season!

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September 13, 2006

Pete’s Couch

This is an anti-pot message I can get behind…

None of the folks I knew in college who smoked pot were destined for a life of heroin addiction. Most of them didn’t do any other drugs, and were pretty normal folks. But that doesn’t mean that they were ready to be productive members of society. All the folks I knew in college who smoked pot wanted to be in the tourism industry or public education… Ya know, no ambition. At the least, this is a heck of a lot more honest than Reefer Madness.

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Coach Hep In For Second Brain Surgery

As reported by Every Day Should Be Saturday, Indiana coach Terry Hoeppner, who recently underwent surgery for a brain tumor (missing only two days of work in the process) is headed under the knife again:

The Indiana University Department of Athletics announced today that head football coach Terry Hoeppner will undergo surgery on Wednesday, Sept. 13 to address a medical issue. In his absence, assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Bill Lynch will assume the position of interim head coach, effective immediately.

Hoeppner has been under the care of neurosurgeon Dr. Marshall Poor, who will perform the surgical procedure.

“An MRI scan displayed evidence of a possible recurrent tumor,” Poor said. “Surgery is planned to resect the tumor, and I would anticipate a return to work in two to four weeks.”

As a Purdue fan, to say that I’m not exactly friendly to IU is obvious. But at the same time, I wish Terry and his family the best. He seems to be a genuinely good guy, and nobody deserves this. I don’t care if he’s a Big Ten coach, or what he’s doing to revive the IU program. This is just a tough time for a person and a family, and I wish him the best during his fight against this.

I didn’t mention this, but the funeral I attended a few weeks ago was my aunt. She was a part of the family group who came out to visit us at Easter. At that time, she was lucid, energetic, and we all had a great time. In early-mid July, I got a call that she was having speech problems, and found out shortly thereafter that she had an inoperable brain tumor. In August, I was at her funeral. These things happen quick.

I can imagine what Terry Hoeppner and his family are going through. While my aunt was 85 years old, Terry’s in the prime of his life. Regardless of his fame, on a purely personal level I hope he can pull through this.

If you have any thoughts for Coach Hep and the IU faithful, send them over:

Contact Us
Indiana University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
Assembly Hall, 1001 East 17th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408-1590
Office e-mail:

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