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September 12, 2006

MotoGP Update

I couldn’t watch the race this weekend, since I was in Vegas. Between swimming in the pool, fishing, and watching football, it just didn’t work out. But I managed to catch the last 8-9 laps today when I was home for lunch, and WOW! was that a good race!

I caught up with it watching Loris Capirossi closely following Valentino Rossi at the front. Dani Pedrosa in 3rd and Nicky Hayden in 4th were close enough that they were in some of the video frames, but far enough back to be a non-factor. Capirossi was clearly able to keep up with Rossi, but not having a lot of luck trying to pass. He eventually, with about 6 laps to go, found some spots where he could pass Rossi on the brakes. Unfortunately for him, each of those passes he found himself running wide, with Rossi retaking first place. They jockeyed back and forth for a while (something you won’t see in Formula 1), and Rossi retook the lead. For the next couple laps, you can clearly see that Rossi is better through the tight sections of the track, and in the straighter sections, Capirossi stronger on the horsepower of the Ducati. With just over a lap to go, Capirossi took the lead. Rossi left a corner out, leaving him about 12 bike lengths behind Capirossi at the start-finish line. He fought valiantly to catch Capirossi, and on the last few corners, passed him for the lead.

Capirossi had a great race, and yet Rossi showed why he’s won so many world championships. Rossi just has that extra level in him. They put on a great race, passing each other with mere inches to spare at times. They showed why they’re both world-class racers, and how there can be a certain measure of trust when you’re on a 300-lb motorcycle a foot away from another racer traveling 150 mph. A great race, one of the more exciting I’ve seen this year, and while it didn’t have much in the way of championship implications, it certainly thrilled.

As for the championship, Hayden’s lead has dropped to 22 points over Pedrosa, and 26 points over Rossi. With 4 races to go, it’s tightening up, and a few 1st place finishes by Rossi can put an end to Hayden’s championship if he can’t finish right behind Rossi. And a mechanical issue or a crash now pretty much means Hayden is done for. This year isn’t over, and even Rossi can pull out another championship if the breaks fall right. We got another race coming up this Sunday, the Australian GP at 4:00 Eastern on Speed TV. I’ll guarantee some fireworks, so give it your attention if you dare get yourself hooked on this sport…

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