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October 5, 2006

Indian Name: CatWhoBarks


We’ve been doing some behavior modification on Spanky. You see, he is really not much more than a cat. He doesn’t like going for walks, he doesn’t like car rides. Hell, if he didn’t bark or lift his leg when he pees, he’d basically be a cat.

But in an effort to get into better shape, the wife and I have been doing nightly walks. And we drag little Spanky, kicking and screaming, off to the local running path to walk. Guinness, of course, is excited as soon as he sees us putting our shoes on, because he’s a real, bona-fide dog. But Spanky, when he sees us getting ready to leave, hides and starts to shake.

Perhaps, one of these days, we’ll figure out how to make him scratch at the door when he needs to go out. If we can’t do that, we might regress a bit and get him a litterbox. But really, we need to get this dog to enjoy walks. Dogs are supposed to be excited to do whatever we suggest, it’s cats that sit there and get pampered. Frankly, I can’t afford a species-change operation for him, so he needs to learn.

PS – Yes, we did give him a haircut after this picture was taken.

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  1. Both of our dogs love going on a walk. They, like guinness, are all over you when you are putting on your shoes. I have started back to walking myself, but I don’t dare take one of the dogs with me because they want to stop and “mark their spot” too often. Good luck with your doggie.

    Comment by Lucy Stern — October 7, 2006 @ 8:02 am

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