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October 15, 2006

MotoGP — Ugh

So, for anyone who watched that MotoGP race, based on my suggestion, I apologize. What was expected to be a hard-fought, desperate battle by Nicky Hayden to retain his lead in the championship all came crashing down, when his own teammate tried to pass heading into a corner and crashed Hayden out of the race. And this was a mere 4 laps in or so.

I got online, checked to make sure Rossi hadn’t also crashed, saw that Rossi finished 2nd, and handed the remote control to my wife, for the daily smattering of MTV and the Food Network. I returned to debating Purdue football on internet message boards. All the remaining drama is now gone from the season.

It was just so anti-climactic. Hayden had already passed his teammate, Dani Pedrosa, about a lap earlier. That pass was pretty close, but given how much Hayden had riding on this race, not too surprising. But then Pedrosa, who I’ll now mention for the third time was his teammate, tried desperately to re-pass Hayden. He crashed his own bike, and his sliding bike took Hayden’s down with it. Pedrosa was all but a mathematic impossibility to win the championship, and apparently has never heard of “team orders”. When you can’t win and your teammate has a shot, you either stay out of his way, or you find a way to help him. Crashing him out of the race is not an option. Even a rookie like Pedrosa should know this. What a bone-head move, Dani.

So that puts Valentino Rossi 8 points into the championship lead, over Hayden. The only chance left for Hayden is if Rossi were to crash out of a race, or have another mechanical failure. Knowing Rossi, he’s going to play it safe, get the points he needs, and claim his 6th consecutive title in the premier class.

UPDATE: I originally wrote that Rossi had an 18-point lead. My math failed me, it is only 8. I have since changed this on the original post.

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