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November 9, 2006

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

On Nov 9, 2004, I explained to the world why I voted for George W. Bush. Over the last couple days, I’ve explained why I didn’t vote in the mid-term elections. What’s significant about the change?

Nothing, except that the Nov 9, 2004 post also marked the creation of this blog. That, of course, would make today my 2 year blogiversary! Again, looking back, I can say today that I would have made the same vote now that I did then. And yet, I see a difference today that almost makes me happy to see the Republicans get smacked upside the head, with the only downfall that it actually benefits Democrats.

2 years… Looking back on it, it seems like it’s just flown by. In that time, I’ve put up over 1100 posts here, become a founding member of the Life, Liberty, and Property blogging community, starting participating at The Liberty Papers (later to take over the reins of administration when Eric left the blogosphere), and now find myself at a crossroads. Some days, I wonder what I can find to write about. Other days, I have a million thoughts, but I’m too busy to actually post. And when the stars align properly, I can actually put content both here and at The Liberty Papers.

I’ve taken to making The Unrepentant Individual a more “personal” blog, talking about interests like college football, beer, poker, and general observations on life. I’ve worked (not hard enough) on making The Liberty Papers an internet home for classical liberals, but more needs to be done there. All this while balancing the increasing demands of work and travel, home life, and the surprisingly time-consuming yard work and hobby of brewing beer. But blogging is still rewarding, especially so when I get comments from all of you readers. So as long as that stays constant, I’ll be here.

And watching election coverage on Tuesday, I heard folks like Brit Hume giving his thoughts on the blogosphere. It’s a way that ordinary people are finding a voice in our political process, and it’s generated more interest in a mid-term election than we may have seen in decades. People are actually starting to pay attention. As someone who now has a voice, I feel like I’m actually invested in the outcome. As more and more people feel that way, we might actually start to see some better results.

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  1. Well congratulations sir.

    February 14th will be two years for me; by which time I expect I’ll have seen something like 550,000 unique visitors, about twice that in page views; and about 1800 posts.

    I still think you should have at least voted on local and state propisitions though.

    Comment by Chris Byrne — November 9, 2006 @ 8:57 am
  2. [...] I’ll have some further thoughts about why the GOP lost later today, as well as a resumption of regular blogging, but, in the meantime, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Brad Warbiany is celebrating a two-year anniversary over at The Unrepentant Individual. Congrats !   [link] [...]

  3. Brad Warbiany celebrates his second blogiversary

    Brad Warbiany, of The Unrepentant Individual, is celebrating his second blogging anniversary. Brad was a founding member of the Life, Liberty, Property group. Congratulations, Brad….

    Trackback by Quotulatiousness — November 9, 2006 @ 9:50 am
  4. Congrats Brad and thanks for all your hard work on LL&P

    Comment by Mike Landfair — November 9, 2006 @ 11:32 am
  5. Sorry you didn’t vote Brad. I wonder how many people out there didn’t vote because they were mad at the Republican party. Now the Democrats have a strong hold. I heard some of them talking this morning about opening up the boarders, that’s going to be fun.

    Yes, I’m upset with the Republican party but not enough to just let the Democrats just walk in and take over. I think people are really going to be surprised when the Dems screw things up even worse than the Reps. did. BTW: can you speak spanish?

    Now that my rants over, Happy Blogoiersary…

    Comment by Lucy Stern — November 9, 2006 @ 12:12 pm
  6. It’s been two good years, Brad.

    Not vote? But Georgia is doing great. Our Republicans all held their own.

    Comment by KJ — November 9, 2006 @ 12:32 pm
  7. Congratulations!
    1100 blog entries. WOW! I guess it’s the energy of youth.

    Comment by VRB — November 9, 2006 @ 5:09 pm
  8. Yeah, I don’t know where you can find that much time and energy to write that much either (maybe I’ll post more when I finish college). Congratulations on your second year of blogging Brad! I still make it a point to visit The Unrepentant Individual and the Liberty Papers everyday to see what’s on your mind. I hope you will be blogging for many years to come (we already lost Eric Cowperthwaite, I really miss reading his work as I’m sure you do as well).

    By the way, be sure to stop by my blog to check out my second blogiversary post.

    Comment by Stephen Littau — November 10, 2006 @ 3:06 pm

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