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November 16, 2006

Good Boilers vs. Bad Boilers

Purdue has been a bit inconsistent as a team this year. To some extent, that’s had to do with facing their two toughest opposing defenses on days where they were also battling 25-mph gusty winds, which doesn’t bode well for a pass-happy attack. But more than this, it’s just been a case of young players still finding their rhythm. Some days Curtis Painter was a bit off. Other days, he’s throwing the ball well and the receivers are dropping it. Occasionally, the playcalling just hasn’t been where it needs to be for Purdue to succeed. But there are flashes of brilliance, which will hopefully continue this week as Purdue takes on our hated rival, the Hoosiers.

Below is one of those flashes of brilliance. Purdue has run a lot of draw plays up the gut all year, and against Illinois found themselves with 3rd and inches. Illinois, thinking they knew what was coming, brought a blitz and crashed the middle of the defense. Curtis Painter made a good read on the option, and away he goes:

And then, there are the plays which make you go “D’OH!” Below is the final play of the Penn State game. Purdue, threatened with its first shutout in 10 years, decided to pull out all the stops. Bear in mind, there was no way to win the game, even scoring a touchdown would leave them down by 5 points. But instead, they decided to try to go all-out, putting numerous starting players at risk of injury, for a futile attempt at trickeration:


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