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December 8, 2006

I Don’t Know Art, But I Know What I Like!

Stripping is art, Norway decides

A Norwegian appeals court has ruled that striptease is an art form and should therefore be exempt from value-added tax (VAT).

The owners of the Diamond Go Go Bar in Oslo had refused to pay VAT of 25% on entry fees as tax authorities demanded.

The local authority had taken the club to court over its refusal to pay tax.

Lawyers for the club’s owners argued that striptease dancers were stage artists just like sword-swallowers and comedians and deserved the same status.

“Striptease, in the way it is practised in this case, is a form of dance combined with acting,” the judges ruled, according to AFP news agency.

Hey, plenty of Renaissance artists painted nudes, so I’ll buy that it’s an art form.

Funny, though, we used to refer to it in college as going to either the “library” or the “ballet”. I guess going to the “art gallery” makes just as much sense :-)

Hat Tip: Below The Beltway

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