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February 26, 2007

Thinning The Field

And no, that’s not about Election ‘08.

It’s about the name game. We’ve cut down our potential name pool by half.

To give a hint, it’s not going to be Sofia… I don’t want some kid writing a song like Johnny Cash about “A Boy Named Sofia”…


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February 23, 2007


You Are Incredibly Logical

Move over Spock – you’re the new master of logic
You think rationally, clearly, and quickly.
A seasoned problem solver, your mind is like a computer!
How Logical Are You?

Hat Tip: Anarchangel

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February 18, 2007

Watching A Person Melt Down

I’ve said before that I’m a big fan of schadenfreude. But as I said then, when a person is actually self-destructing, it’s not funny at all. Which is why I find this to be incredibly sad…


Britney Spears checked into a rehab facility and then abruptly checked out, a source confirms to PEOPLE. And then on Friday, she returned to Southern California – and she shaved her head completely bald.

There’s something wrong in her bald little head. You stick a semi-normal little girl into the celebrity pressure cooker, and eventually it gets to be too much. If anything, I think it might be an issue that nothing in her life is really “hers” any more. No matter where she goes or what she does, she’s in the public eye. No amount of money can give you back your life, when the paparazzi and the celebrity hounds have turned that life into a product, for which their demand is insatiable.

The cult of celebrity in this country is sickening, and Britney Spears is a casualty. She just wasn’t strong enough to own her life when the “fans” (which, of course, is a word short for “fanatic”) tried to take it for themselves.

I’ve often said I want to be rich, but I NEVER want to be famous.

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February 13, 2007

Yeah, Put Him Behind Bars

Connecticut man busted twice for drugs

A Danbury man’s plans to bail himself out after a drug bust went more than a bit awry over the weekend. State police said that a small safe that Nakia Davis, 32, had his aunt bring in to the Southbury barracks not only contained $5,000 in cash for bail, but also drug paraphernalia and 16 grams of cocaine, leading to more charges.

Davis had been pulled over for speeding on Interstate 84 in Southbury. With the help of a police dog, marijuana was seized from the car, and police found 43 baggies of cocaine weighing 48 grams when they patted Davis down, police said.

Davis arranged for his aunt to bring a small safe which Davis claimed contained money for his bail.

State police said when Davis’ aunt opened the safe in front of a state police trooper, inside was the cash, but also drug paraphernalia and 16 grams of cocaine.

As I’ve pointed out before, I’m against the War on (Some) Drugs. But this guy probably needs to be behind bars on charges of general stupidity.

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February 11, 2007

Name Time…

Alright, I’ve worked out the names. Just don’t tell my wife that my mind is made up, she hates these names… I’m just hoping I get to the birth certificate with the pen while she’s still lying there wondering who’s going to cut the umbilical…

A) If it’s a boy, Odin. After all, he’s the Norse god of wisdom*. It’s uncommon, but it’s not some sort of pretentious, easily-identifiable name like “Thor”. And Odin Warbiany just has a nice ring to it…

B) If it’s a girl, Sophia (or Sofia). Again, the Greek word for wisdom (see a theme here?). It’s also fairly uncommon. It’s got a hint of elegance and an exotic quality, but yet without being too far out there. Plus, one of my favorite aunts, Sophie, just passed away last year, and it would be nice to use the name.

What do you think? How can I convince a woman who likes girls’ names such as “Kendall”, “Madison”, and “Avery” to name a child Odin or Sophia?

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Why Bread, Milk, and Eggs?

Down here in the South, snow is a very rare phenomenon. Here in Atlanta, we’ll get an occasional ice storm, and even more rarely do we see snow. When it does occur, it’s at most a 1/2 day disruption. By early afternoon, everything has melted.

Yet when there’s a forecast for snow or ice, the city panics. People rush to the grocery store and buy the place out of bread, milk, and eggs. For those of us who grew up in northern climes, it’s high comedy.

But I was thinking about it today. Why bread, milk, and eggs? I realize they’re considered “staples” by most people, but how many people in the modern world eat these things every morning? Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to pick up oatmeal, bottled water, and canned goods? You know, non-perishables? It’s even worse, because if the fit really hit the shan, and the power went out, the milk and eggs would spoil!

I guess it’s just irrational, and there’s no explanation for it. After all, if you’re irrational enough to think that a 1/2″ of snow is going to shut down Atlanta for a week, you’re probably irrational enough to think the power won’t go out and the 3 gallons of milk and 4 dozen eggs you just bought won’t spoil….

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February 10, 2007


Spanky isn’t quite so lazy when Guinness gets near the socks…

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Georgia Expands Sunday Sales Law

Well, it’s another Saturday here in Atlanta, so I need to make some decisions. The only beer I have in the house is homebrew. I’ve got plenty, but I need to decide whether I want to pick up some commercial beer as well. Since it’s Atlanta, though, I don’t need to decide whether I want to do this today, I need to decide for today AND tomorrow, because the Georgia Legislature is beholden to the Religious Right, and has made Sunday sales of alcohol illegal.

Well, as I’ve pointed out before, help is on the way. A bill was introduced to legalize the Sunday sales of beer and wine. But it began to take fire from liquor distributors who were legitimately upset that liquor wasn’t included, only beer and wine. Well, they’ve made some changes, and the law got even better.

Sen. Seth Harp, R-Midland, said the plans were designed to address criticisms of a bill he previously had introduced, which would have let communities decide whether to legalize the take-home sale of beer and wine on Sundays.

The new proposals would add liquor sales to the plan’s options and give communities the choice of allowing alcohol sales only after noon — when church services traditionally end. An unusual coalition of religious conservatives and liquor distributors had lined up against Harp’s original bill.

Representatives of at least some of those liquor groups say they now support the effort.
‘‘Now that the bill includes spirits, it is the right bill for Georgia,’’ said Jay Hibbard, a vice president with the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. ‘‘The overwhelming majority of Georgians support Sunday sales, and it’s going to allow that overwhelming majority the opportunity to decide for themselves.’’

While I’m ideologically opposed to the noon restriction, it doesn’t seem onerous enough to fight over. After all, on the East Coast football doesn’t start until 1 PM, so it’s not like those folks out west who have to be ready by 10 AM. But the fact that they’re opening this to liquor makes things very good, because most of the really good, hard to find beers and wines aren’t available at grocery stores. Without the ability to sell liquor, it’s unclear whether it would have made financial sense for the dedicated liquor stores to be open.

But, alas, it’s still going to be a tough fight, against people who have nothing better to do than try to meddle in our lives to assuage their own moral concerns. Unfortunately, that includes the governor:

‘‘We obviously will still oppose the bill, obviously for the same reasons,’’ said Sadie Fields, director of the Georgia Christian Alliance. ‘‘I grew up in an era when everything was closed on Sunday — now we’ve encroached on the day and turned it into just another day.’’ Fields said she appreciated Harp ‘‘recognizing that part of the Sabbath when people are in church,’’ but that the noon option doesn’t change her mind on the plan.

Supporters of Sunday sales still have a lot of work to do if the plan is to be approved by the Legislature this year. Even if it clears both chambers, Gov. Sonny Perdue, who says he does not drink alcohol, has said it would take ‘‘a lot of persuasion’’ for him to sign it.

I challenge the Georgia legislature to overwhelmingly pass this bill. I want it to show up on Sonny’s desk with the knowledge that he’ll look like the jerk if he vetoes it. A 55%-45% vote in the legislature gives him far too much political cover to veto a bill that 80% of metro Atlanta residents and 68% of the statewide population want to see passed. If this comes to Sonny’s desk after a 70% vote, though, and he vetoes the bill, it will show the state of Georgia that he’s acting purely at the behest of the middle-Georgia religious conservatives, folks that wouldn’t be forced to legalize the sales in their own communities anyway.

Georgia, it’s time to join the 21st Century.

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February 9, 2007

LazyBones & Crackhead

We decided that when my wife heads to CA for 7 weeks for her sister’s wedding, she’s going to take the dogs with her. I’ll probably be traveling constantly, and those kennel bills rack up quickly, even if they don’t take up much space!

Here’s Spanky, aka LazyBones, in his little red sweater. Despite the fact that he’s the young one, he’s really just a cranky, little old man at heart.

Spanky & His Sweater

And then of course there’s the crackhead, Guinness. I get to have him riding on the plane with me. I’m sure that will be quiet and stress-free!


One of these days, I’ll try to get some video of these little maniacs in action…

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February 5, 2007

Hot Potato!

Grossman is who we thought he was…


…an embarrassment.

Attn: Kyle Orton. Get yourself out of Chicago. ASAP! When Lovie lets Grossman start, and even brings in Griese to take the 2nd string spot, after you led the team to 10 wins as a rookie, it’s a bad sign. Get out and get to a team with decent management.

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February 4, 2007

Cut Withholding To Create Libertarians

Tonight, the wife and I were working out our taxes using TurboTax. Our taxes aren’t very complex, so I don’t feel the need to employ too much help to understand the byzantine tax code we live under.

Well, I am usually not very good at saving money for rainy days, so I tend to manage my finances to ensure a refund at the end of the year. I still check each time to see how much ends up getting paid to the government. This year, adding in the employer contribution to SS and Medicare, it works out to a pretty sizable 5-figure number. Now, I’m not a rich man. While I make a pretty decent income, my net worth is barely positive. Yet I pay taxes like a rich man, and it makes me angry every year.

My wife, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same level of anger. She looks at our refund (about $2K this year), and thinks “oh well, at least we didn’t have to pay!” We’re planning a trip to Mexico, and she sees this refund as the quick and easy way to pay for the trip. We get $2K back on a total payment of $25K+, and she’s happy about it.

So here’s an idea for all of you readers, or at least those who are married folks who don’t have spouses of libertarian bent. Start claiming too many dependents on your W-4. Work it out so you owe every year. It won’t take long before your spouse is complaining about taxes, when he/she is scrambling to find $2K instead of trying to figure out how to spend the $2K the benevolent government is sending you.

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February 2, 2007

John Edwards Has A New Blogger On Staff

Hit & Run is reporting on John Edwards’ new blogger, Amanda Marcotte. Some of you remember Amanda as the raving feminist* from Pandagon. Well, it seems that one of the earliest things Amanda has done after the announcement of her new position is to go back and delete a post where she jumped to conclusions about the Duke rape case.

Perhaps she should look further back in her history, to the blog Mouse Words. Before she got picked up by Pandagon, she made a name for herself on that blog. Back in the day, I was a very new blogger, and adopted the resident libertarian position, debating her.

But for those of you “right-wingers” like me (I include libertarians in that group because to a leftist like Amanda, anyone who doesn’t agree is a right-winger), you should know something about her. She thinks that those of us on the right are either evil or stupid. I got into it with her on this post at Mouse Words, dealing with creationism and public schools. It was then that I realized she divides right-leaning individuals into one of two groups, and as I pointed out at the time, she thinks I’m in the wrong one.

I’ve realized that to the left, there are two types of right-wingers: the stupid, and the evil. The evil is a very small, powerful group. Their goal is to find ways to destroy the country in such a way that it shores up their power, and makes them the ruling elite of the country. The stupid group is everyone else that votes Republican. They are pawns, too dim to understand that they are being manipulated by their evil string-pullers.

Now, I tried to defend myself and my right-wing brethren, and mentioned that we are not trying to destroy America as we know it. We have honestly weighed the policies, and believe that the policies that we are supporting are in the long-term interests of our nation as a whole. My frank response got me this:

“Brad, I don’t think you do. I think the people who want to be our evil overlords dump millions of dollars into right wing think tanks to come up with arguments that everyday folks think sound reasonable enough and then manufacture crisises so that everyday folks think that we have no choice but to implement the plans that the right wing think tanks come up with.”

Looks like I must have landed myself in the “stupid” group. Which undoubtedly has me a little angry. I don’t consider myself to be a slouch intellectually, and I’m enough of a skeptic to watch out when people are trying to exploit me. Despite my slight megalomania and delusions of grandeur, I’m not evil. The only explanation I have left is that they must be drugging my water.

This is the kind of mentality that we have to deal with from the left. Obviously our policies are absolutely atrocious, so to support them we must be evil or stupid.

So, if Amanda takes down her older old blog, remember one thing. If you don’t agree with her, she thinks you’re evil, or you’re stupid. And if the folks at Hit & Run are right, she really thinks you’re stupid, because she thinks she can just remove her previous words and they’ll go away. As they ask, hasn’t she ever heard of Google Cache or the Wayback Machine? And she thinks I’m the daft one?

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February 1, 2007


Well, the month of January is finally over. I managed to rack up over 10,000 frequent flier miles, and I’ve been so incredibly busy that I’m barely able to remember what day it is. Of course, the fact that my new work arrangement allows me to wake up, throw on some pajamas, and head to the basement, probably impacts that.

February looks like it should be a much slower month. And then it gets crazy. My sister-in-law is getting married at the end of April, and my wife will be heading back to California in early March to be a part of all the showers, parties, and other festivities. I’ll be going out there at the beginning of the trip (we’re flying the dogs out there), and will again be out there at the end of the trip to go to the wedding. In between, I told my boss to load me up with as much travel as he wants, so I doubt I’ll regularly sleep in the same city more than 4 nights in a row…

I’ll try to be a little less of a bad blogger this month. But, in the meantime, I recommend heading over to The Liberty Papers. Especially for all of you who originally came here for the political content, I really devote most of that stuff over there. For everyone else, hang tight. I’m sure there will be a lot of interesting reports of impending fatherhood…

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