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February 1, 2007


Well, the month of January is finally over. I managed to rack up over 10,000 frequent flier miles, and I’ve been so incredibly busy that I’m barely able to remember what day it is. Of course, the fact that my new work arrangement allows me to wake up, throw on some pajamas, and head to the basement, probably impacts that.

February looks like it should be a much slower month. And then it gets crazy. My sister-in-law is getting married at the end of April, and my wife will be heading back to California in early March to be a part of all the showers, parties, and other festivities. I’ll be going out there at the beginning of the trip (we’re flying the dogs out there), and will again be out there at the end of the trip to go to the wedding. In between, I told my boss to load me up with as much travel as he wants, so I doubt I’ll regularly sleep in the same city more than 4 nights in a row…

I’ll try to be a little less of a bad blogger this month. But, in the meantime, I recommend heading over to The Liberty Papers. Especially for all of you who originally came here for the political content, I really devote most of that stuff over there. For everyone else, hang tight. I’m sure there will be a lot of interesting reports of impending fatherhood…

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