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March 24, 2007

An Advantage To Small Dogs

This week, as the story broke about poisoned dog food, concerned pet owners scrambled to determine whether there was any risk in what they were feeding their dogs.

One of the advantages of small dogs, however, is that I have a lot more leeway what I feed them. We buy them Nature’s Variety, which I once calculated to be about 4 times as expensive by weight than a lot of commercial food. It’s the sort of expensive “gourmet” dog food, grown in “sustainable agriculture” farms, etc… In fact, it’s probably grown in a more environmentally-friendly and natural way than the food that I eat.

But when you have two dogs weighing a combined 17 pounds, the cost becomes pretty much a non-factor. If the difference between expensive food and cheap food is $4 a month vs. $16 a month, I’m willing to pay more. If I had two dogs eating enough food to make the difference between $30 a month and $120 a month, the cost/benefit analysis might change a bit.

This might be something to consider when you’re trying to determine whether to get a Yorkie or a Great Dane as your next best friend.

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  1. Brad, we have two dogs and a cat. The dogs eat Pedigree dry dog food with left-overs stirred in and the cat gets nine lives. I was glad that our dog and cat food was not on the dredded list….. (PS. one of our dogs is a Pit Bull and the other is a 30 pound mutt.)

    Comment by Lucy Stern — March 25, 2007 @ 6:35 am
  2. we have three cats and fortunately we avoided this whole mess because we only feed them dry food, which is better for their dental health anyways. also, you wouldn’t think its expensive to feed cats, but two of the three are fat tubs of lard, one of which who has a perceived bullemia issue as she is always hoarking her food back out because she over eats. Since the third cat is skinny and rarely eats, we have to leave food out 24/7 so portion control for the bullemic cat is nigh impossible.

    Eh well… its been a bad week as i just learned that the rat poison i bought was ineffective as it contained dog food and now the rats in my neighborhood are the size of oxen.

    Comment by mabus — March 26, 2007 @ 7:47 am

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