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June 19, 2007

25% More Wise

I went to the dentist today… That wasn’t a fun experience, as it never is… I grew up with a dentist that was an overweight man, with big fat fingers. Ever since, I haven’t liked the dentist.

But I learned something new about myself. The doctor checked out the x-rays, and I’ve got 5 wisdom teeth! Sweet!

That must mean I’m 25% extra-wise, which explains a lot… Or it could mean I’m 25% more wise-ass, which would also explain a lot. I told my wife that it must be the former, which I think is evidence of the latter…

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  1. You better check that with another dentist. No indictment of your ability to carry extra wisdom teeth, but I had the funniest episode with a dentist once who said I should get my four wisdom teeth pulled after glancing up at the x-ray.

    I said, “please look again, I had one pulled a few years ago so there should only be three left in there.

    He handed the file back to his nurse and said, “right, three, go ahead and schedule the appointment.” I scheduled the appointment, as ordered (I was in the Navy at the time), and two weeks later I called and canceled by saying, “I had a discussion with my wisdom teeth last night and we still love each other. They don’t want to leave and I want them to stay.”

    I still have the remaining three.

    Comment by Uncle Jack — June 20, 2007 @ 7:30 pm

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