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June 26, 2007

Raspberry Wheat

I bottled the Raspberry Wheat last Wednesday, and cracked the first one open today. At bottling time, it seemed to be very heavy on the raspberry aroma. But then, it being warm and flat, I knew that it would mellow a bit with cold and carbonation. Today, that was definitely the case.

This beer hit its mark. I built some body into the recipe (unlike the agave), because the raspberry is more flavor than fermentable. So it’s got a decent body, a good wheat undertone, and a definite raspberry aroma and flavor. The raspberry has given it a good red hue. It’s got some haze similar to a hefeweizen, which isn’t really all that desired in an American wheat style, but it’s not really a bad thing.

This is a nice summer beer, and definitely one I’d call a success.

Also on the bright side, a week of age has helped out the agave wheat. I might not need to make any modifications to that one in the keg.

I think I’m starting to put together the repertoire I’ll need when I start a brewpub… And I already have the head chef (the wife) getting started on ideas for the food menu… :-)

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