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February 14, 2008

Another Weight Loss Update

As I mentioned, week 3 was a bit of a “stall”, where I only lost 0.8 pounds after having lost 10.6 over the previous two weeks. Thus, I was very interested in seeing whether I could improve momentum for week 4. It’s been a tough week, though, as I was traveling and my diet always gets thrown off when I travel. A few trips to brewpubs in the evenings will do that!

Either way, though, it worked, as I dropped another 4.2 pounds. That puts me at a total weight loss of 15.6 pounds over 4 weeks, which is not too bad. I’m now back under 250 pounds total!

My wife is doing well also. She had lost nearly 10 in the first two weeks but stayed dead even during week three, and dropped over 3 pounds in the past week, so we’re both past the little mini-plateau that we had hit.

So, I’m now within 20 pounds of my “soft” goal, and about 30 pounds from my “hard” goal. If I can keep up a strong pace, I think I could make the soft goal within two months, and the hard goal within 3-4 (I assume those extra 10 pounds will come off a bit slower than the first 10)…

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  1. Keep up the good work Brad. I hope the Valentine’s day, with the two you love the most, went well. I am curious how Wyatt did in the resturant.

    Comment by Lucy Stern — February 15, 2008 @ 4:10 pm

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