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March 31, 2008

Chalk Another One Up For South Swell

You know, I think when South Swell Brewing Co. becomes a reality, I’m well on the way to one solid recipe. The Rye Pale Ale has already taken one second-place medal at a brewing competition in San Diego.

When in Pittsburgh, I dropped off the Rye and the Light Belgian Ale for the TRASH Homebrewers competition. Judging occurred over the weekend, and I received my results today…

Rye Pale Ale — 1st Place in the American Pale Ale category
Light Belgian Ale — 3rd Place in the Belgian & French Ale category

As I’ve mentioned, I re-brewed a tweaked version of the Rye recently, and based on my experience, I’m going to go back to the original recipe. The second attempt was lacking body and could be improved. I’m not sure it’s 100% where I want, but the first iteration of the recipe was better than the second, so I will go back towards that.

The Light Belgian scored well in San Diego, and managed to actually place in this competition. I like the recipe, although may tweak it slightly. I do understand that a 4.5% beer brewed with an idea of being targeted at the slightly above-average beer drinker (not the true beer connoisseur) is not well suited to competition, especially in such a competitive category as a Belgian ale.

But I’m slowly laying the groundwork for recipes that I hope will one day be winning medals at the Great American Beer Festival or the World Beer Cup, not just local homebrew competitions!

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