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June 30, 2008

10 Reasons To Support Getting High Before You Fly

From that bastion of objective news, The CW:

SAFER, Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation, which got a ballot initiative passed to make enforcing marijuana laws the lowest legal priority in Denver, is now pushing to allow passengers to get high before they fly. But since the FAA oversees the airport and smoking pot is against federal laws, the idea has some people scratching their heads wondering how it would work.

SAFER members aren’t mapping out the legal landmines. Instead, they just say that the smoking lounge, outside of security at Denver International Airport, falls under Denver Police jurisdiction. And since the new city ordinance was enacted, all penalties for adult marijuana possession have been removed. So they think adults should be allowed to smoke either marijuana or cigarettes in the airport’s smoking lounge.

So why should you support this?

10. It’s the mile-high city. Duh!
9. It makes the jerk in the seat next to you for 5 hours much funnier.
8. Letting a drunk out of his window seat three times during a flight to pee is annoying.
7. Flying 500 mph at 35,000 feet in a steel tube is just plain trippy, man… Whoa.
6. It’s probably easier to get weed through security than liquor.
5. The event of a “water landing” is a great cure for cottonmouth.
4. Pilots fly better stoned than drunk.
3. No sober person wants to watch “Snow Dogs.”
2. Because it’s natural, dude. It’s from the earth…

And the reason that it might actually happen?

1. The airlines will find it a lot easier to sell a bag of Doritos for $5 if passengers have the munchies!

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June 29, 2008

Back From Chicago

Last weekend was my little sister’s wedding, so the family and I headed back to Chicago for the ceremony. Joanna and Wyatt flew back this past Monday, and I stayed in the midwest until Friday for business.

Wyatt, as usual, was a little angel on the airplane. When he was around my family (who he doesn’t know very well), he did take a few days to warm up to them, but by Sunday was doing well. He did have a lot of fun with his cousin Jack, who’s now about 2 1/2 years old… Jack (and his parents, of course), are moving back to San Diego from Texas, so that should be a lot of fun.

Soon to be best of friends!

The family outside the church after the wedding.

Wyatt gets Pizzeria Uno– the best pizza in the world– at 10 1/2 months? What a lucky kid!

He was very interested!

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June 26, 2008

Another Positive Result

So, we submitted three beers to the Inland Empire Homebrewers’ competition, the SoCal Regional Homebrew Championship.

One was the Rye Pale Ale, which is probably well beyond its life at this point. One was the milk stout, which has already had some very promising results, but didn’t medal at the NHC competition. The third was our recent IPA, which hasn’t been introduced to any competitions prior to this.

Well, the IPA took second in category, which is particularly nice because they split the American IPA category from the English and Imperial IPA styles. A very hoppy IPA, it really seems to have come together exactly how I envisioned it (maybe slightly darker). I’m not sure why the Milk Stout didn’t do well, but I’m still waiting on the score sheets, so maybe I can figure out what happened in the judging process.

Up next is the Orange County Fair, where we entered the same three beers. More to come once we have some results. Based on the milk stout and the IPA, I really would like to see a blue ribbon between those two.

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June 24, 2008

George Carlin, RIP

As a comedy buff (my XM radio is regularly set to channel 150), yesterday’s news of George Carlin’s passing was not a happy day. Carlin had a knack for taking ordinary parts of life and simply looking from them from an outside perspective, only to show how absurd and funny we all are.

It’s only fitting, then, to post one of his later bits, about our response to the death of friends and family.

Thank you, George. You will be missed.

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June 23, 2008

My Former House — Foreclosed!

Yikes. Looks like the house I bought in 2005 and sold last spring is now in foreclosure and going for auction in early July. I guess the people who bought it weren’t a good risk. Glad we weren’t owner-financing it for them!

So that leaves an opening. I’m not sure how many of my readers are in the Atlanta area, or would be looking for a house in Marietta. But if you’re interested, the house is a really nice place and may go CHEAP at auction, especially considering the current credit crunch. And for homebrewers, my former backyard-sharing neighbor is a homebrewer who studied under my tutelage for a year :-)

If anyone is interested, it’s going up for auction sometime in July. Drop me a note and I’ll fill you in on it.


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June 19, 2008

Space Camp!

I was thinking about reality shows the other day, and I just came up with an absolutely perfect idea:

Space Camp!

The premise would be simple. Take 12 (or more, as the producers see fit) people who want to go to outer space. Put them through many different astronaut-style challenges, like someone training to be an astronaut would have to do, but with competition. At the same time, throw in all the twists and turns of a reality show to make it interesting.

The winner, then, would be given a ticket to ride on Space Ship Two (the joint venture between Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites and Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic). The pre-sale tickets for that are currently going for something like $200K, but my guess is that the advertising/branding opportunities for Virgin would make production of this deal a no-brainer.

It’s got all the requirements for a good show: exciting premise, simple concept, and like most reality shows, can be a very lucrative commercial for Virgin (who is trying to break into the US airline market), and can reach viewers [like me] who may not be interested in the typical “American Idol” talent competition.

I think it’s a winning idea. I’d even try to get on the show!

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June 2, 2008

A Spoiled Child

I’m known for the occasional complaint about California… But it does have it’s benefits!

Click the picture for a high-res version, as the small size doesn’t do it justice.

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