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June 26, 2008

Another Positive Result

So, we submitted three beers to the Inland Empire Homebrewers’ competition, the SoCal Regional Homebrew Championship.

One was the Rye Pale Ale, which is probably well beyond its life at this point. One was the milk stout, which has already had some very promising results, but didn’t medal at the NHC competition. The third was our recent IPA, which hasn’t been introduced to any competitions prior to this.

Well, the IPA took second in category, which is particularly nice because they split the American IPA category from the English and Imperial IPA styles. A very hoppy IPA, it really seems to have come together exactly how I envisioned it (maybe slightly darker). I’m not sure why the Milk Stout didn’t do well, but I’m still waiting on the score sheets, so maybe I can figure out what happened in the judging process.

Up next is the Orange County Fair, where we entered the same three beers. More to come once we have some results. Based on the milk stout and the IPA, I really would like to see a blue ribbon between those two.

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