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July 28, 2008

The Problem With The Biblical Account Of Creation

So I was thinking about this the other day… There are the problems of geological vs. God time, etc. But one thing just occurred to me.

God created man in his image. He created all the animals, and the plants, and gave man dominion above them. Man was king, he was satisfied, and he was happy. But then God thought man was lonely, and on the same day he created Man, he created Woman.

Let me ask you a question…

What Man in his right mind, king of his castle, master of all before him on earth, would get lonely and need a mate within a day? I mean, sure, within a week (possibly a few months if God gave Man beer and football instead) Man might get horny, but a day?

So this God, who we’re supposed to believe is kind and loving, presents us with a creature that seduces us into a fall from grace with her feminine wiles, such wiles that continue to this day to get us men to do all sorts of crazy things to vie for their attention.

As for me, I could have done with the beer and football. That truly would have made the Garden of Eden paradise on Earth!

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July 25, 2008

I’m Officially Old

It’s been a couple of strange years. The wife and I went from young DINK couple, renting apartments in California, to the responsibility of home ownership in Georgia. But then, in just over the past year, we came back to California, back to renting, but adding one child and reducing ourselves to one income (although, with the responsibility of my new job, an improved income). Now, she’s working on starting a new business, we’re keeping our eyes on the housing market for an entrance sometime in 2009.

And then I had to have the nerve to turn 30. As if becoming a parent isn’t enough new responsibility, I had to officially leave the carefree days of 29 and become old.

Time to start living vicariously through Wyatt, because my opportunities have closed off. Hopefully he’ll remember me when he starts the Martian colony that I was hoping to found. Ugh. 30! Why me?!

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July 18, 2008

A Novel Way To Drum Up Business

Gas prices are rough on all of us, and some businesses have picked up on that. Some businesses, ones that I thought were fairly recession-proof, are having to offer perks to entice business to their perky wares:

At the Shady Lady Ranch brothel in Beatty, Nevada, clients who spend $300 or more this month will receive $50 gas vouchers as part of a promotion to beat the summer slump in business.

“It’s rocking along. We’re doing quite well. June and July historically are not big months,” said James Davis, who co-owns the ranch with his wife, Bobbi.

The first $1,000 in gas cards were given out within a week, he added.

Good luck, Shady Lady Ranch. I would hate to see your employees filling up the unemployment lines!

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July 16, 2008

He Stole Jesus!

Having a Catholic wife is sometimes interesting. As I was raised Lutheran (the original heretics!), I learned at an early age that large-scale powerful organizations were prone to corruption and should be mistrusted. Maybe that’s how I became a libertarian?

That being said, I still ended up getting married in the Catholic church, with a full mass, and a drunken Irish Catholic priest… I made my guests earn their spot at the open bar at the reception, dammit! But I didn’t, and wouldn’t, enter the classes to join the church. Obviously I’ve got my own issues with religion in general, but I know that if I ever made it back to a church of any sort, it wouldn’t be the Catholics.

This story makes me glad not to consider myself amongst their ranks:

A University of Central Florida student claims that he is getting death threats for messing with something sacred.

Webster Cook says that, instead of eating a Eucharist wafer as he was expected to do during the Sacrament of Holy Communion, he smuggled the blessed piece of bread out of mass. Once blessed, the piece of bread is viewed by Catholics as the true Body of Christ.

Catholics worldwide became furious.

Furious? That’s just the start of it. Others started accusing him of committing a hate crime, while many outraged fellow students are issuing complaints to bring him up before the university for a hearing.

Sorry folks… It’s just a cracker. And if you truly believe otherwise, you can believe that this student will receive otherworldly retribution for his actions; you don’t need to be the one to protect Jesus.

Appealing to this student’s respect and tolerance for your beliefs by calmly asking him to return the cracker makes you look magnanimous and coherent. Calling for him to be brought up on hate crime charges for stealing a cracker makes you look childish and insane. Which one do you want to be?

Below The Beltway linked with The Right To Be A Jerk
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July 12, 2008

Tug Of War

When Wyatt was first born, Spanky largely ignored him, with the occasional efforts to come up and investigate. When Wyatt first became mobile, Spanky mostly ran away from him (and still does).

But they’re starting to reach a point now where they can play!

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July 8, 2008

Fear Of Boogieman Implies Hatred Of Jazz, Too…

Sometimes a story comes along, and it just needs to be passed along without comment. This one needs no added comedy.

Claim: Kids who say ‘yuck’ may be racist

LONDON, July 7 (UPI) — Toddlers who say “yuck” when given flavorful foreign food may be exhibiting racist behavior, a British government-sponsored organization says.

The London-based National Children’s Bureau released a 366-page guide counseling adults on recognizing racist behavior in young children, The Telegraph reported Monday.

The guide, titled Young Children and Racial Justice, warns adults that babies must also be included in the effort to eliminate racism because they have the ability to “recognize different people in their lives.”

The bureau says to be aware of children who “react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying ‘yuck’.”

“Racist incidents among children in early years settings tend to be around name-calling, casual thoughtless comments and peer group relationships,” the guide says.

Staff members are advised not to ignore racist actions and to condemn them when they occur.

But don’t worry, I’m sure that any child with these racist anti-social tendencies will be cured once he gets enrolled in a government indoctrination center public school.

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July 6, 2008

Wyatt Takes Figurative Steps…

…oh, and a bunch of literal ones!

Not bad for 2 days shy of his 11th month, eh?

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July 2, 2008

Milk Stout Takes Stout Category In Regional LongShot Competition


Obviously, the bad news is that doesn’t win me another free trip to Denver.

The good news is that this is still a heck of an honor, especially since the Stout category can often be very crowded. After the results it garnered in the AHA National Comp (won first round in my region, advanced to 2nd round but didn’t win a medal), I was hoping to see some additional positive results for this beer.

I think this recipe is a good one. Considering I’ve got some of this beer, plus some of a very similar recipe to the beer that was a national finalist for LongShot last year, both in my kegerator right now, I’d say I’m in good shape :-)

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