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December 4, 2008

Hops! Glorious Hops!

The hop shortage must have ended, because I just got a nice deal on some hops. Over at HopsDirect, the 2008 harvest hops are now available in both whole leaf and pellet form, by the pound.

I picked up a pound of Columbus, a pound of Cascade, and a pound of Magnum. That’s a LOT of hops.

The pound of Columbus will be used for a single 15-gallon batch of my IPA. But that’s a hop-centric beer, so it works out fine. The Magnum will be used for general-purpose bittering, and will probably be good for 5-8 different batches. And the Cascades will be used for flavor and aroma, which should get me through 3-5 different batches. I’m about to do an Amber Ale, and will be doing my Rye Pale Ale within a fair bit of time, and both use Cascade, so I’ll go through a fair bit on those beers.

It’s just nice to know that I’m pretty well stocked up on my hops and I’ve got about 125# of base malt sitting at home. That will really help with keeping the costs down on my next few batches.

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