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June 4, 2006

Funny Sighting

I saw a beautiful silver Corvette convertible here in Atlanta yesterday.

License Plate: “HI OFCR”

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June 3, 2006

This Explanation Stinks

Somebody light a match, fer crissakes!

Neal from autodogmatic uses a rather interesting approach to the problem of externalities:

Back to the original topic of this post. Passing gas is a negative externality. I reap all of the benefits while paying the majority of the cost (I’ll leave you to figure out what exactly those benefits/costs are). However, my neighbors also pay part of the price of my human air pollution.

You may believe this post crass, but understanding how farting is a negative externality can help explain human behavior.

For example, if I let one rip near my wife, I’m likely to bear more of the external cost of breaking wind: she’s going to be pissed! Thus, I’m less prone to engage in such behavior. An example we can all relate to would be where you are on an elevator with one other person. If you cut the cheese (assuming you make no sound), it doesn’t matter: not only are you going to know it was you, they’re going to know it was you, toot. The highly awkward nature of this hypothetical situation results in a specific social cost to the offender. And as a result, you’re less likely to pass gas in such a situation.

Contrast this one-on-one example with a packed elevator. Assuming you can slide one out silently, no one will ever know (for sure) it was you. Thus, you’re much more likely to poot.

Of course, I should point out that when you’re hanging out with your buddies, it becomes a positive externality, that everyone gets a kick out of… But that has more to do with the sick depravities of guys than anything else.

But either way, a very good analogy. I already used it to explain the problem of externalities to my wife, which I’m sure was incredibly interesting :-)

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May 2, 2006

Why Our Military Rules…

It’s all about specialization and division of labor…

(Note: This is from the television show Mind of Mencia. If you’re easily offended, it’s probably a good idea to skip this one…)

Get this video and more at

Hat Tip: Wizbang!

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April 26, 2006

The Engineering Joke

Mike’s talk of FORTRAN modeling in this comment brought a joke to mind… You don’t need FORTRAN modeling when a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation will do!


Psychology professors bring in a mathematician, a physicist, and an engineer for an experiment. At one end of a long room lies a beautiful, sultry naked woman. The three subjects sit at the other end. The professors tell the subjects:

“If you reach that woman at the other end of the room, you will be allowed to have sex with her. But the catch is that you can only move every 10 minutes, and each move will be only half the distance from you to the woman.”

Well, the mathematician pulls out his notebook, sits down scribbling furiously for a few minutes. He gets up and walks out. At the door, the professors ask him why he’s leaving. “It’s a simple problem. No matter how many iterations of the 10 minutes occur, I will never reach that woman.”

The physicist, of course, is a born empiricist. He moves halfway across the room, measuring as he goes. 10 minutes later, he moves another half the distance. 10 minutes later, he moves again. The whole time, he’s also furiously scribbling into his notebook. After 30 minutes, he decides it’s time to leave the room. At the door, the professors ask why he’s leaving. “I’ve done some experiments, and my findings are exactly those predicted by the mathematician’s theory. No matter how many times I proceed, I’ll never reach that woman.”

The engineer, this whole time, has been advancing every 10 minutes. After the physicist leaves, an hour passes. He’s still advancing. Another hour passes, and he’s still advancing. The naked woman (who didn’t sign on for this possibility) is starting to get concerned, cautiously eyeing his protruding— pocket protector. The professors, unsure of how to proceed, ask the engineer what’s going on. “After all,” they say, “the mathematician and physicist have both shown that it is impossible for you to ever reach that woman!”

The engineer smiles, and replies, “True. Very true. But pretty soon, I’ll be close enough for all practical purposes.”

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April 25, 2006


Engineers solve problems. In the below clip, for example, you will see the full breadth of human ingenuity at work. This is an engineer and an entrepreneur, working to fill a need in the market.


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April 18, 2006


Conservative Culture linked with The Easter Bunny Revealed!
Below The Beltway linked with Who Knew The Easter Bunny Was This Evil ?
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April 7, 2006

It’s Okay, She’s Got Credentials!


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April 4, 2006

Just heard this one…

A Chinese guy and a Jewish guy are sitting at a bar, having a conversation over a couple of beers. Out of nowhere, the Jewish guy punches the Chinese guy right in the mouth. The Chinese guy asks, “What the hell was that for?”

The Jewish guy responds, “That was for Pearl Harbor!” The Chinese guy, confused, retorts; “But that was the Japanese, not the Chinese!”. The Jewish guy (who’s had at least one too many) responds, “Chinese, Japanese, they’re all the same…”

Realizing that the Jewish guy was a little in the bag, the Chinese guy agrees to let bygones be bygones, and goes back to his drink. They sit around a few more hours, and when they’re about to settle up, the Chinese guy punches the Jewish guy right in the mouth!

The Jewish guy is stunned, and slurs, “What was THAT for?!” The Chinese guy, also now inebriated, explains, “That’s for the Titanic!” The Jewish guy responds, “But that was an iceberg!”

The Chinese guy: “Iceberg. Goldberg. They’re all the same…”

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March 23, 2006

Virgin Mary has NEEDS

Man Just Using Virgin Mary To Get To Jesus

TUPELO, MS—The Blessed Mother Mary said Monday that devout Catholic Anthony Montero is simply praying to her as a way to get to her Son, Jesus Christ. “People exploit me for my connections, worshipping me as a way to get closer to Jesus,” said the Holy Virgin, bathed in a golden light and attended by seraphim. “How would Anthony feel if I called upon him in the guise of friendship, but simply wanted his cousin to do some plumbing work for me? It’s just rude.” Our Lady added that, if Montero wants to reach Jesus so badly, maybe he should “grow a pair and pray to Him directly.”

Hat Tip: Libertopia

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March 1, 2006

The Dangers of Obediance

Many years ago, when I lived in Chicago, there was a stretch of I-355 that tended to have people driving an average speed of 70-75 mph. The pavement was in good shape, there were few exit and entrance ramps, and people generally felt comfortable at those speeds. Of course, the speed limit was 55, so quite a few people would get ticketed. I asked myself what would happen if I got myself and a few friends together, we lined our cars up taking up every lane on the highway, and decided to go the speed limit.

I thought it would probably piss off everyone around me, and maybe even start fistfights if people followed us afterwards, so I never tried it. But some Georgia State University students decided to give it a go. And like everyone these days, they took some video and put it on the internet!

I think the below flash box will work. But if it doesn’t, go to Google Video and search for “A Meditation on the Speed Limit.”

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