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March 5, 2008

Weight Loss Update

For me, I was really worried about my weight loss total this week. I lost over 7 pounds the previous week, but was rather dehydrated on weigh-in day, so I thought it might simply be a localized minimum weight. I then proceeded to drink a few litres of water today at work, so I knew I was more than fully hydrated.

But all that, and I still lost 2 pounds, raising my total weight loss to over 25 lbs (since Jan 1). So, I’m finally under 240, at 239.8. The 0.2 pound difference means that I now have to subtract 1 point from my Weight Watchers total, so I’m down to 37 points per day from 38. As I said previously, my “soft” goal is to get under 230, so I’m actually quite close. I could see myself reaching that before May. The hard part will be getting under 220, though, as it’s getting very near to the minimum weight that I really feel comfortable with.

My wife did quite well this week, losing 1.8 lbs. So she cracked the 15 lb weight loss mark this week, and is rather happy about that.

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February 27, 2008

Weight Loss Update

I can only think my scale was off last week. There’s no other explanation for what I’m seeing today. Two weeks ago, I weighed 249.8. One week ago, I weighed myself in the evening and suddenly was 250.8, then the next morning and it read 249.4. And today, a week later, I saw something very strange.

The scale read 241.8. I was shocked. So I moved it to another area on the floor and tried again. 241.8. I moved it one more time and tried again. 241.8!

So it looks like, according to my conservative estimate, I lost 7.6 lbs in the past week.

Actually, I’ll bet it’s not true. As weight tends to fluctuate a bit day-to-day, I’m betting I was at a local maximum when I weighed last week and a local minimum this week. That would explain why I had to wait until the morning to count a 0.4 lb weight loss last week, and made this week’s loss especially large. So I may lose absolutely nothing in the next week. But either way, I’m pretty happy, and the average loss per week has been pretty good. Judging based solely on this scale reading, I’ve lost over 23 pounds in about 6-7 weeks. I’ll take it!

My wife lost another 1.2, for a total loss of 14 lbs or so over the same time period. That in itself is a very impressive and sustainable weight loss rate, so kudos to her!

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February 24, 2008

Weight Loss Update

I’m a few days late on this one, but so be it. We both weighed in on Wednesday, and there was a bit of mild disappointment. My wife lost 0.2 lbs, and I lost 0.4 lbs. I was definitely expecting more, but some weeks are like this, I’m told. I can say that my wife is well on the way to a good week, though, as she lost about 3 pounds since Wednesday, so I think her total will be pretty good this week.

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February 14, 2008

Another Weight Loss Update

As I mentioned, week 3 was a bit of a “stall”, where I only lost 0.8 pounds after having lost 10.6 over the previous two weeks. Thus, I was very interested in seeing whether I could improve momentum for week 4. It’s been a tough week, though, as I was traveling and my diet always gets thrown off when I travel. A few trips to brewpubs in the evenings will do that!

Either way, though, it worked, as I dropped another 4.2 pounds. That puts me at a total weight loss of 15.6 pounds over 4 weeks, which is not too bad. I’m now back under 250 pounds total!

My wife is doing well also. She had lost nearly 10 in the first two weeks but stayed dead even during week three, and dropped over 3 pounds in the past week, so we’re both past the little mini-plateau that we had hit.

So, I’m now within 20 pounds of my “soft” goal, and about 30 pounds from my “hard” goal. If I can keep up a strong pace, I think I could make the soft goal within two months, and the hard goal within 3-4 (I assume those extra 10 pounds will come off a bit slower than the first 10)…

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February 10, 2008

Weight Update

I should have posted about this last Wednesday, but I’ve been sucked into other things. The previous week wasn’t that great, with me only dropping 0.8 lbs. However, that does put me at a total of about 11.4 lbs total over the last three weeks.

I’m not sure why it stalled, as I didn’t go off eating more than I had in previous weeks, but hopefully things will pick up this week. I’ll know on Wednesday!

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January 31, 2008

Good News

The wife and I had our 2-week weigh-ins with Weight Watchers. She’s lost nearly 10 pounds, and I’ve lost 10.6 pounds. I’d say that’s a pretty successful two week!

So I’m well on my way to meeting my goal: to lose weight so quickly that people think I’ve got a disease!

For me, it hasn’t been as hard as I thought. To get as many points a day as I do, I usually finish the day with points left over. If I avoid cheese and mayo, I can power down a footlong Subway roast beef sub and it’s less than 30% of my points for the day. That’s pretty filling.

I think I might have even done a little better over those first two weeks, but I did some business traveling in the middle there, which always finds me eating crappy airport food and drinking beer in airport bars, which is not the easiest way to get through this. But to lose more than 10 pounds in two weeks, I’m pretty proud of that.

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January 17, 2008

40 Points A Day

So, the wife and I decided to join Weight Watchers, as we’re both far beyond our ideals. I’d like to lose 35-45 pounds (I’m at 265 now), and I’m not sure how much she wants to lose (I’ve never asked her what she weighs– I’m not an idiot, after all!) But we both need to make some improvements in eating habits and lifestyle, and weight watchers seems like a good way to keep ahead of the curve here.

But I saw the “target” that they’ve defined for me, and I think it’s a bunch of bullshit. I’m 6′5″ and I come from a long line of Eastern European descent… A land where the men are men and the women are too. Yet they want to see me shrink down to the 190-210 lb range.

I’ve posted before about how BMI is a crock for people of my body type, and I think this is no exception. I’d love to be under 220 lbs at my current level of muscle mass, and if I were to actually exercise regularly, my body could easily carry more weight than that and still be quite healthy and within optimal weight. But under 210? I don’t think I could even get there at this point.

I think back to where I was at the age of 18, getting out of high school. At the time, I had been studying martial arts for 6 years, training several days a week. I was in the best shape of my life, and even then, an 18-year-old does not have the muscle development of a real “adult”, that usually comes over the next 3-6 years. I was at my leanest and strongest I’ve probably ever been, and at 18 years old I weighed 225 lbs.

I actually bucked the trend of the “freshman 15″ in college. I lost weight throughout college, despite eating quite a bit and drinking a lot of beer, because I was losing muscle mass. When I left college, I was also very skinny, and yet hovered in the 210-215 lb range. I can’t imagine living under 210 lbs at this point. I’m overweight, but I’m not a fat man, and I’m not sure I could drop to under 210 lbs at my current muscle mass level without being at an absurdly low body fat percentage.

So I’m going to see how I can do with this whole Weight Watchers thing. My soft goal is to get under 230, and when I make it there, I’ll try to push for the 220 mark. But I don’t intend to attempt to get under 210. Once I hit 220, I’d like to start rebuilding that muscle mass and get to a proper weight on my frame.

I did begin a new post category though, and I’ll be periodically tracking my progress.

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