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October 8, 2008

Krispy Dips On TV!

I said yesterday that Joanna & Tara had a pretty exciting deal going on today. I haven’t figured out how to embed this video, so you’ll have to click over and check it out.

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September 12, 2008

Voting — Americans Do It Like We Eat

Over here, a YouTube clip of Craig Ferguson discusses the election. Most of his rant is spot-on (and hilarious), but he talks about American’s “duty” to vote. He goes a bit off line when he says that our American Democracy is about:

free people making free choices…

…in this case, to choose which candidate will make us less free, and how.

Americans vote like we eat. I don’t think freedom’s on that menu. It’s like going into Cracker Barrel trying to find health food, and having a choice between the country breakfast with ham, eggs, hash browns, or the flapjacks and bacon, smothered in syrup. One may be marginally better for you than the other, but neither are good*. They may both make you feel good for a short time, but the long-term effects are pretty well negative.

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July 12, 2008

Tug Of War

When Wyatt was first born, Spanky largely ignored him, with the occasional efforts to come up and investigate. When Wyatt first became mobile, Spanky mostly ran away from him (and still does).

But they’re starting to reach a point now where they can play!

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July 6, 2008

Wyatt Takes Figurative Steps…

…oh, and a bunch of literal ones!

Not bad for 2 days shy of his 11th month, eh?

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June 24, 2008

George Carlin, RIP

As a comedy buff (my XM radio is regularly set to channel 150), yesterday’s news of George Carlin’s passing was not a happy day. Carlin had a knack for taking ordinary parts of life and simply looking from them from an outside perspective, only to show how absurd and funny we all are.

It’s only fitting, then, to post one of his later bits, about our response to the death of friends and family.

Thank you, George. You will be missed.

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March 18, 2008

Alabama One Step Closer To Beer Liberty

In the South, a trend over the past few years has been for states to “pop the cap”, or vote to end their restrictions limiting beer to 6% ABV. These states allow wine above that limit, as well as distilled alcohol far above that limit, but they kept the cap for years. Often it would be prefaced as a way to stop alcoholics from getting their fix easily, or to “protect our children”, despite the fact that most of the beers in that marketspace are expensive and strongly-flavored – not suited towards teenagers looking to get hammered.

Alabama, though, is still a holdout. A local group known as Free The Hops is intent on changing that. Their bill has recently passed the state House, and will soon be coming up in the Senate. This is a watershed moment for Alabama beer connoisseurs, who quite literally would make road trips to Atlanta or Tennessee to obtain the beers unavailable in their home state.

Congratulations to Alabama’s House for coming to their senses… At least a little bit.

If you listen to the debate, what sort of impression are you left with about both the supporters and the opponents?

Hat Tips: Punditry by the Pint (by way of The Agitator)

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September 15, 2007

Central Michigan @ Purdue — Preview

Purdue sits at 2-0, after a 52-24 blowout over Toledo, and a 52-6 blowout over FCS-division Eastern Illinois. While they’ve looked good in both of those games, it’s clear that they haven’t yet been tested. Today may, or may not, be that test.

Central Michigan started their season at Kansas, and got absolutely destroyed 52-7, following that up with a trip to Toledo, where they beat the Rockets by a score of 52-31.

So if one thing is clear today, it’s that one of these teams is scoring 52 points.

Central Michigan is a talented team, led by a very capable quarterback, and can both run and throw the ball quite well. That QB, Dan LeFevour, wanted to come to Purdue, but didn’t get a scholarship offer, so he has a bit to prove. This is quite clearly the best offense that Purdue has faced all year long. They laid an offensive egg against Kansas, but it’s possible that Kansas is a pretty good defense, based on their second game of the season.

Thankfully, though, I think it’s quite possible that this is the worst defense that Purdue has faced all season. They’re currently giving up over 500 yards per game, and gave up more passing yards to Toledo than Purdue gave up total yards. Purdue’s offense will shred CMU’s secondary, and should have a choice to beat them on the ground or in the air.

This game can go two ways. If Purdue jumps out to an early lead like they did against EIU, this game will be very ugly. CMU has a pretty solid offense, but if we can force them due to game situations to become a one-dimensional passing team, I think we can shut them down. On the flip side, though, if Purdue makes a few mistakes early, or CMU keeps it close, CMU’s balanced offense can keep them in the game all the way down to the wire.

There is one intangible here as well. CMU’s poor showing was AT Kansas, and their win against Toledo was at HOME. They come to Ross-Ade stadium in West Lafayette today, so it’s possible they may be out of their element.

Purdue will dominate this game, it’s just a matter of how early they put the Chippewas out of commission. Barring turnovers, I think it’s decided early. If Curtis Painter has his first interception or two of the season, or Purdue puts the ball on the ground, I think it might remain in contention early into the second half. I’ll call this one in the middle, and it gets decided early in the second quarter. I’m thinking 21-10 at the half, and then Purdue runs away with it.

Central Michigan 20, Purdue 48

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September 3, 2007

Armanti Edwards For Heisman!

This is history, folks… Enough said.

The Unrepentant Individual linked with Eastern Illinois @ Purdue — Preview
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July 23, 2007

Poll Numbers That Will Satisfy All Night Long

Cross-posted at The Liberty Papers

From The Agitator, taken directly from Hit & Run:

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July 13, 2007

I Hope It Seemed Funny At The Time!

Now, as most of you know, I don’t think pot should be illegal. I personally don’t care for it, but on the list of dangerous drugs, I think it’s clearly less destructive to families and individuals than even alcohol. So the fact that he made himself some special brownies doesn’t bother me in the slightest, even though he’s a cop.

But to call 911 like this?! Anybody stupid enough to do that really shouldn’t be entrusted with the protection of others.

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July 10, 2007

Potential New Hobby?

Let’s see… The below video shows something that’s childish, stupid, pointless, probably more expensive than it’s worth, highly dangerous, and blatantly illegal.

I just might have found a new hobby.

Adult Soap Box Derby!

I particularly like how they’re the SFV Illegal Soap Box Federation. It’s like a personalized invitation :-)

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June 27, 2007

The Jaw Has Abandoned The Frontline

…I hate it when that happens!

Arthritic jaw could sideline Japanese eating champ

Japanese eating champion Takeru Kobayashi is being treated for an arthritic jaw that could douse his hopes for taking a seventh straight title at the annual Independence Day hot dog eating competition on Coney Island.

Last year, the 165-pound (75-kilogram) champion won his sixth straight Yellow Mustard Belt at the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest by devouring a then-world record 53 3/4 frankfurters in 12 minutes.

A California man broke the record earlier this month by chomping down more than 59 franks in 12 minutes.

But earlier this week, Kobayashi, 29, said on his Web site blog that his “jaw has abandoned the frontline” during his training for this year’s July 4 event.

“Already I can’t open my jaws more than just a little bit,” he wrote. “There’s no pain only if I open my mouth about enough for one finger. More than that is painful and I can’t open it.”

A specialist diagnosed him with arthritis of the jaw, he wrote.

Kobayashi, you must compete! The world needs you!

I think I saw this on an episode of Heroes at one point…

Eat the hot dogs, save the world.

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May 26, 2007

Ouch… Second Degree Burns…

So, last night it was time to brew the yeast starter for Sunday’s brew session. It’ll be my first brew in California, and my brother-in-law’s first ever. I’ll be doing a raspberry wheat, and he’ll do an IPA.

A yeast starter is typically brewed 1-3 days before the brew session begins, and it allows you to let the yeast go through the majority of their multiplication phase, to give you a large number of viable yeast cells to ferment the beer. This means that they don’t spend their time in your beer multiplying (which can contribute to off flavors), and they get a foothold in your beer very quickly, so no other microorganisms can get a hold of it and infect it. A starter involves boiling a small amount of malt extract in water, cooling it down, and pitching the yeast.

Yesterday I bought a 2L Erlenmeyer Flask for the purpose. Thinking that it would be perfect for brewing the starter, as it’s designed for high heat applications, I set it on the stove, with water and malt extract, and went to work. It started heating up, and when it came time to boil, it boiled over so fast I couldn’t even do a thing about it… So I tried again, keeping a close eye on the burner this time. I noticed as it was about to reach boil, cut the heat, as I noticed it slowly bubbling up towards the top. With a towel, I was working to transfer it off the burner, when it suddenly shot up and boiled over. Right on my hand. It immediately took some skin off.


Beautiful, huh? I put it under some cold water, put some neosporin and a bandage on it, and finished my starter. I decided it was better to boil the wort in a saucepan, and then pour it into the flask after chilling. There’s no real danger doing it that way. Consider this a very painful lesson learned.

I managed to do all this without exclaiming in pain, and didn’t even toss out any four-letter expletives. I really didn’t want to call attention to it, as I was hanging out with all my in-laws. Somehow I’ve still hid it from the wife, although her mother saw it today, so when she gets back today, I’m sure I’ll be “caught”. I hate when people fawn over me to try to take care of me, so hopefully they’ll leave me alone in my recovery.

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April 24, 2007

Scientific Proof — Kids Made Of Rubber

I have no other explanation for how a four-year-old child could have survived this:

The child survived with no broken bones, just some cuts that required stitches, and probably some monstrous bruises.

The parents survived unharmed, but if anyone knows who they are, they deserve a serious beating for letting a four-year-old onto the sideline like that.

And if that autographed football ends up on eBay, it’s time to send in DCFS.

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April 12, 2007

Good Eats Beer Show

I came across the episode of Good Eats related to homebrewing on Google Video today… This was the show that got me thinking about brewing. Although there are a few things that AB does in his brewing process that no experienced brewer would do, it’s a rough approximation of brewing from extract. A few minutes in, where the homebrew store clerk is telling him that all-grain is a day-long process, that’s what I’m currently doing (although it’s more like 5-6 hours, not a full day).

I’m finally getting to the point where I’m consistently making decent beer. In fact, my neighbor’s batch (for which I formulated the recipe) is so good that we might enter it into a homebrew competition tonight, if he can get his wife and kids to let him leave the house :-)

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